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Ninja Media Creations launches data-monitoring software

By Pray Jani - May 13, 2020

The software will provide data insights for a railway audio advertising campaign

Ninja Media Creations launches an in-house monitoring software called Remote Architectures Centrally Enabled (RACE). The tool is developed in response to the growing demand of brands who wanted monitoring and quantification of results delivered by RA OOH campaigns.  

“RACE is based on the combination of Window services and APIs (Application programming interface), and is fed with data received from more than 50 stations across 8 states,” said Raghu, Chief Technology Officer of Ninja Media Creations.

This will allow advertisers to have a direct control and collect real-time data, and provide analytics about the jingles played on the PA system at each railway station and measure of deep log report by using a web-based application. It also enables to integrate all the stand-alone PA systems to a centralized web-based application. A unique service ID is generated from each stand-alone server which connects to the central server and enables the transfer of files without any human interference and change jingle without any delay.
Ranjith Chakkath, MD & CEO, Ninja Media Creations, said, “RACE is the outcome of months of hard work of Raghu and Team and is unmatched in its ability to give a real- team log data and insights for RA- OOH campaign, it was but natural that we had to understand the client concerns about the lack of proper log reports and data to measure in the RA-OOH Industry. We know we can’t limit our innovation in this area of real-time monitoring. This focus on automation will enable clients to get the best out of the RA-OOH medium by using real-time data which process faster and is more efficient.”

Srinivasan Iyengar, VP & Mentor, Ninja Media Creations said "The ability to deliver data analyse in real-time, by highly relevant data, represents an enormous leap in the power of the RA-OOH Media. RACE delivers real-time analytics which helps brands and partners to know exactly the performance of the campaign. We are sure that RACE will attract new advertiser and partners to the medium, especially brands who wants to advertise the Jingles based on special campaigns.
Over the last few months, thet have worked across 8 states with over 25 key stations to develop RACE. The flexibility of RA-OOH will enable some interesting and variety of jingles for brand campaigns.


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