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Mumbai Railway brings innovative advertising formats in new tenders

By Pray Jani - October 20, 2020

The division is taking initiatives to cover the loss by releasing new formats for advertising; Also, the zonal division contemplating abouts resuming trains’ full services before November 15 this year

One of the highest advertising revenue divisions of Western Railway- Mumbai Division is undertaking initiatives to cover the losses incurred due to the impact of Covid19. The zonal division is looking at various other revenue sources for themselves and providing different avenue for media owners through releasing some innovative formats for advertising.

Talking to Media4Growth about steps taken by the zonal division, Jagriti Singla, Senior DRM, Western Railway, said, “We are releasing new tenders with innovative media opportunities. In the current time, there are many new assets that can be used for advertising and we have included them in our recent tenders. Also, we were open for suggestions from the industry on what kind of innovative advertising media can be set up or made available. After some revisions in their suggestions, we have included them in our tenders.”

Tenders passed by Western Railway in the recent months have included sanitiser dispenser kiosks and booths among various unique advertising formats.

“We see just fewer bidders for the tenders as compared to previous years but we are positive that participants will be enthusiastic about the opportunity,” added Jagriti.

In the month of August, Western Railway announced the losses of around INR 2,296 crores in total, from both suburban section and non-suburban section caused by ticket cancellation. Out of which, the Mumbai division has refunded INR 202 crore to passengers for ticket cancellations.

It is learnt that the Western Railway and the media owners are discussing on the rebate plan regarding payment of license fee. Although nothing has been finalised yet, a thorough plan can be expected tentatively in two weeks.

Similarly, the Maharashtra government and the railway division are in talks to resume suburban network completely by the end of October and could possibly see the trains resuming full services before November 15 this year.


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