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Marriot, Renault foremost advertisers at Coimbatore Airport

By M4G Bureau - November 24, 2017

Coimbatore airport has emerged as a strong brand advertising destination with passenger traffic clocking 1.3 million annually; Times OOH holds exclusive media rights at Coimbatore and Trichy airports

Coimbatore airport media, recently bagged by Times OOH, is now the prime choice of brands owing to high passenger movement that added up to some 1.3 million in FY17. Marriot and Renault have been the top two brands to occupy the space at the airport. Marriot has occupied one of the largest media units (drop down site) of 30x10 sq. ft. to display the launch of its newest property which is very near to the airport, Fairfield Marriot.

Renault has also taken a dropdown media site of 20x10 sq. ft in the departure area of Coimbatore airport. The month-long campaign shall run on the large format placed in an area with high dwell time displaying the new launch of Captur.

Times OOH had recently been awarded with the advertising rights for this airport for the duration of 10 years where they have put a total of 60 media units by far in an area of minimum 10,558 sq. ft. to cater to 100% travelling audience in locations with high dwell time.  The formats include back-lit, digital screens network, scrollers, dropdowns, FSU, front-lit hoardings, back-lit hoardings, Iconic structures, aerobridge, tray branding, etc.

The Coimbatore airport has witnessed a growth of 24.4 % YOY. The advertisement rights of the airport were acquired in the month of June 2017.

Along with Coimbatore, the media owning firm has also bagged advertising rights at the Trichy Airport, the 2rd largest International airport in the state of Tamil Nadu, catering to both International and domestic passengers.






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