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Jayesh Yagnik, Mandeep Malhotra, Fabian Cowan, Lokesh Kumar to speak at Gujarat Talks OOH

By VJ Media Bureau - December 13, 2016

The speakers at the Gujarat Talks OOH Conference will cover a wide canvas of topics - from assessing the depth of the consumer market, to innovative consumer engagements and use of new tools and technologies in OOH advertising - with the express objective of identifying the factors that will aid accelerated OOH growth in the state

Gujarat has maintained a high annual GDP growth, powered by robust FDI inflows, physical infrastructure expansion, growing disposable income levels and higher purchasing power. The state is also one of India’s thriving consumer markets.

The presence of a large number of home-grown brands as well as growing presence of national brands of all hues in different markets of the state make the overall OOH business in the state very robust and growth-oriented. What is attractive to advertising brands is that both urban and rural markets of Gujarat have high purchasing power. Hence, these brands are unfurling large campaigns on a regular basis, providing significant impetus to the OOH industry in the state.

Jayesh Yagnik, COO, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions, will speak on the dynamics of Gujarat’s consumer market in his address at the 1st Gujarat Talks OOH Conference that will be held at the Courtyard by Marriott in Ahmedabad on December 16. In providing an analytical overview of “What makes Gujarat a key destination market for brands” Jayesh will seek to bring forth the factors that will contribute to accelerated growth of OOH business in the state.

Mandeep Malhotra, Social Street, Founding Partner & CEO, Social Street, will talk about innovative ways to give brands a great OOH experience leading to deeper consumer connect.

Fabian Cowan, President, Posterscope India, will moderate a panel discussion on the theme: “Are brands under-leveraging the true potentials of OOH advertising in Gujarat’. The panel will comprise national and regional brand marketers and the focus of discussion would be on how the advertising brands could get more out of OOH in the state.

Lokesh Kumar, Director, IKON, will touch upon some of the new dimensions of OOH in India, such as, use of interactive digital screens, application of AR / VR, etc., in his address on the theme: “How tech-enriched creative solutions will keep brands deeply engaged in the OOH space”.

Pertinent to add that Gujarat is one of India’s most industrialised states that hosts nearly 10% of all factories operating in the country. The state ranks 3rd in Ease of Doing Business and is a model of economic progress and development. What’s more, Gujarat boasts of a large number of home-grown brands that have achieved national and international appeal. Moreover, 29 companies from the state have been featured in the 14th edition of Dun & Bradstreet India’s ‘India’s Top 500 Companies’ report, which profiles India’s most well – respected and high performing companies on the basis of various financial parameters.

The conference will feature presentations and panel discussions on a variety of subjects that tie in with the growth goals of Gujarat’s OOH industry. The day will culminate with an open forum where the participants will brainstorm to come up with an agenda for growth.


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