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HS AD India, Orienta Cine Advt install new digital display at the QUAD in Blr airport

By M4G Bureau - May 20, 2019

Offering a 360 degree viewing angle, the signage caters to plaza occupants and vehicular traffic dropping off passengers at the departure terminal of the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru

Bengaluru AirportHS AD India & Orienta Cine Advt join hands to install an innovative digital display, the ‘ADSAT’ at Bengaluru Airport ‘s most premium location, the QUAD. ADSAT is a unique pentagon shaped digital signage which is located right outside Bengaluru International Airport. Made of 90 LED tiles, it allows a 360 degree viewing angle and can be seen from all sides of the newly opened pop up plaza – the Quad by BLR.

Positioned for maximum visibility, ADSAT caters to plaza occupants as well as all the vehicular traffic dropping off passengers at the departure terminal. The digital signage’s towering displays is designed to create a stunning brand showcase. The top placement of the signage allows complete broadcast of the live activities happening underneath. Installed with high-end screens, it can easily absorb lightning and is windproof. The signage also comes with a technical edge that takes it a notch higher with its cloud-based content management that does not require a physical server. Installed with HD cameras it can record and stream live content on the giant screens for everyone’s preview.

This cloud based signage caters to the regular airport traffic of approx. 25 million passengers along with expected crowd of close to 50,000 visitors on an average daily basis. Situated right in the middle of The Quad by BLR, a prime location with heavy footfalls, this innovative digital signage with 22 hours of commercial display will provide exceptional exposure to brands advertising here.

ADSAT is a distinctive digital signage backed by an experienced operations team at HS AD, India, who made its completion possible in less than 30 days’ time. It was indeed not less than a miracle to finish such a technically advanced project in such less time.

Speaking about this unique project, Sukyong Sean Rhee, Managing Director, HS AD, India quoted, “ADSAT is the future of DOOH advertising catering to international as well as national brands with élan.”

Ketan Lakhani, MD, Orienta Cine Advertising, added further, “It was another wonderful experience of partnering with HS AD, India in launching ADSAT - the new generation innovative signage. We look forward to create more of such digital signage in collaboration with HS AD, all across India.” This is the great opportunity for all the brands to explore a digital extravaganza platform which provides a clutter free visibility to brands.


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