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DOOH evolving to be an engagement medium

By Prantika Ghosh - September 23, 2022

The need of the hour for brands today is complete solutions that include both rugged hardware and stable software and which function as effective source of data points and engagement, feels Vijay Wadhawan, Director, System Solutions Division, Panasonic Life Solutions India.

Given the  growing digitalization and urbanization, the adoption of digital signage solutions by businesses across various sectors has accelerated, with the focus clearly on comprehensive solutions that can generate additional revenues, while enabling greater customer engagement. Vijay Wadhawan, Director, System Solutions Division, Panasonic Life Solutions India says, “With the revival of the country’s economy after the prolonged pandemic phase industries such as healthcare, education, transportation, sports, and entertainment are expected to generate substantial market revenue in the coming years. The retail industry is expected to hold a prominent position in implementing digital signage solutions to offer advanced customer experience and gain actionable business insights.”

Talking about Panasonic’s unique proposition, Vijay says, “Panasonic's Digital SignEdge (SDN – SignEdge Display Network) solution includes a programmatic Ad platform that helps retailers and owners of digital screens generate additional advertising revenues for vacant slots while offering flexibility, control, and cost-effective means to sell their digital advertising space to a larger audience.  He added, “Enterprises may select when to automatically show information. Content approval before projection and input-data analysis are also possible. Using Central Management Software (CMS) businesses may get timely, structured information on display status to help with a quick business decision. 

Highlighting the trends in the market currently, Vijay adds, “Brands today are opting for solutions that not only offer rugged hardware but also provide stable software. The future promises more screens, and more sources of data to trigger and evolve the right content on these endpoints.” He further adds, “As the collection and real-world visualization of mobile and other sensor data continues to grow and evolve, these data sets will pair more accurately with the precise location of all DOOH structures. A display manufacturing brand with complete control of the software enables a future upgrade of the software while moving along with the industry. ”

Vijay emphasizes that brands have now started to realize that signage can be much more than a conveyor of advertising and immersive content. Instead, signage is part of a larger ecosystem or solution that helps better understand business and customer insights. As he points out, now interactive signage may also ask people questions about their preferences and provide them with more relevant information. “The commercialization of 5G connectivity, flexibility, and scalability on the cloud infrastructure will give businesses a competitive advantage in terms of building real-time data-driven campaigns for efficient management as well as effective brand penetration. And, we have all glocal (global as well as local) capabilities and expertise to execute integrated DOOH solutions with new-age technologies. In our endeavor to serve our customers with the key problem-solving solutions, we are coming with DOOH related SignEdge features in our next release.”


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