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360 Creations incorporate Lemma’s programmatic offerings, boosting 750+ residential DOOH screens

By M4G Bureau - April 25, 2022

Teaming up with Lemma, 360 Creations has upgraded over 750+ residential screens with programmatic capabilities across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & Coimbatore.

Lemma, one of the largest programmatic DOOH networks, onboarded residential DOOH screens by 360 Creations onto their pDOOH network. This collaboration will enable Lemma to further expand its DOOH cluster offerings to brands, while making 360 Creations discoverable to direct brands and buyers integrated within the programmatic ecosystem.

Installed in landmark residential locations across the four cities - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & Coimbatore, 360 Creations DOOH screens offer brands with the opportunity to connect with niche audience segments. Moreover, strategic screen placements arrived at by scrutinising multiple variables ensure high dwell time and uninterrupted visibility while waiting for lifts to arrive in high-rise societies. Each screen is internet enabled, allowing for true programmatic connection through Lemma, states a Lemma company release.

This integration with Lemma will certainly boost the existing advantages the screens offer, with programmatic capabilities of real time ad serving, dynamic & contextual ad rendering & much more. Apart from ad serving, Lemma will provide better fill rate & improved yield through its programmatic platform, sourcing demand from direct digital brands for 360 Creations.

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma, said,“Onboarding screens of all kinds, especially the offbeat and emerging place-based DOOH screens in India has enabled us to scale programmatic DOOH audience reach at an accelerated pace. Adding 360 Creations residential DOOH screens to our network will enable us to expand the offering to our clients further, with diverse audience profiles, niche and upscale audiences, all at scale.”

Gautam K,  Founder, 360 Creations, said, “Onboarding a programmatic DOOH network like Lemma assures unbiased business opportunities based on variables that matter most to modern marketers, i.e., audience buying. Transparent data availability gives marketers the confidence to consider screens of all kinds, especially emerging media like ours, wherein limited knowledge leads to low consideration. This association with Lemma makes us hopeful of newer demand sourced from digital pie as well, improving both fill rate & yield in the long run”  

The integration of all screens will be a continuous process as 360 Creations expands its screen network in various cities in India.


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