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Philips innovatively showcases AirFryer

By Bhawana Anand - March 27, 2015

The brand launched a cutting-edge OOH campaign in Delhi to promote the kitchen appliance. The campaign was executed by Posterscope India

Philips, true to its proposition'Innovation and you', strives to deliver meaningful innovations that can bring about a positive transformation in the lives of consumers. The brand's innovative AirFryer, a kitchen appliance that offers the food that consumers enjoy without the perils of unhealthy fats, is a case in point. To build a large consumer base for the product, the brand launched a cutting-edge OOH campaign that was executed in Delhi by Posterscope India.

The campaign include an innovative hoarding that showcased an image of the AryFryer product with real flames coming out of it. The campaign was designed to communicate the brand messages, superior product technology and exceptional performance, and to build recall at the points of purchase that can accelerate purchasing decisions of consumers.

"The prowess of AirFryer is being highlighted through this campaign, the consumers are being encouraged to upgrade from oil-intensive, traditional cooking techniques to healthy and innovative new age kitchen wizard that the AirFryer is. The campaign also aims to build on the credibility for AirFryer as a healthy cooking gadget which offers delightful food for taste buds. The physical attributes of the Philips AirFryer, the fact that it makes tasty fried food using 80% less oil and its superiority over competition are the key messages that the campaign strives to create a recall for,” explained Gulbahar Turani, Director- Marketing, Domestic Appliances, Philips Consumer Lifestyle India.  

The hoarding saw an attractive image of the product, delicious food and copy written in LED lights. Actual flame coming out of the dishes was the main highlight of the campaign. While explaining the ideation process behind the innovation, Turani said, "For brand, innovation is the key element to everything undertaken by Philips, which is why it is a trend setter in the category of home appliances. While the product category in itself is a reckoner, the campaign also had to create an impact to stand out against the competition. The first step after finalising the creative was to use LED Lights and LED text on the product cutouts. The result was good but the team felt more could be done. It was then that the billboards sported charcoal red lighting around the AirFryer and the fried snacks to make them look fresh and hot. In addition, actual smoke was let out of snacks to make them look real, tasty and steamy hot. This symbolised and conveyed a message that one can still enjoy delicious fried snacks with great taste without risking health. Other key attributes of the Air Fryer were highlighted in bright neon like blue lights.”

The campaign was targeted at mostly the SEC-A audience, aged between 25-35 yrs, spanning across genders. With a modern, progressive, open-minded outlook, these are confident urban dwellers that were the focus while designing the campaign. These are the health conscious young consumers that are aware of the adverse effects of oily food but are not paranoid about health, open to new ideas to improve their life; yet might not have time or motivation to make radical changes for healthier lifestyle.

Executing an innovation wasn't so easy. Turani admitted that the choice of media was OOH, which although played an impactful role, but comes with its advantages and flaws. "To showcase steamy hot snacks, the team struggled with climatic conditions and instead of choosing a heavy traffic route; malls were chosen where it's easy to attract the attention of passersby. To showcase the steamy snacks was the tricky part of this innovation, and the team got this set up right after 1- 2 days of struggle”, said Turani.

The brand campaign, covering different media, received immense response from consumers that has resulted in building recall and trigger product purchases. During 2014, the sale of AirFryer accounted for up to 90%+ from this activity, the product was sold to more than 30,000 households in a single year. Towards the end of the campaign period, the monthly average volume of Philips AirFryer rose up to 300% and the year on year volume growth witnessed a 324% surge.

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