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OLX now targets media agencies, brands

By Bhawana Anand - August 29, 2018

The online classified brand targets mainline agencies to promote their advertising business in the main metro commercial hubs

Online classified brand OLX has launched a new campaign targeting the mainline media agencies, highlighting the fact that the online platform is now primed for selling new products.
The brand has taken the strategic route to target brands via mainline media agencies by executing tactical outdoor branding inside and around the offices of agencies. The brand objective was to create a top of mind recall for their new business targeting the media planners.

Around 14 locations were selected where formats like hoardings and standees have been used to target the TG. The campaign media planning has been done keeping in view the categories of clients handled by each agency.

Two creatives have been used. The first creative showcases the size and scale of their business and second shows that OLX caters to a certain pedigree of audience i.e. 90% are from Sec A from main metros with strong buying capability. Wherein the second creative demonstrates the variety of people accessible on the network.

The second phase of the campaign will be spread out to target brand marketers directly through extended reach and sites.

Commenting on the campaign, Tarun Sinha, Business Head - Advertising, OLX India in an exclusive conversation with M4G said, ”There is a perception that classifieds are not connected with a certain pedigree of the audience hence our entire play was to break that perception through this campaign. Our initiative was to showcase that OLX has a very relevant high networked kind of pedigree in which close to 90% of audience belong to Sec A & B and 70% are Sec A premium. And secondly, we do on a big scale and size so that we are relevant for the market.”

“We invaded into new product selling because the buying and selling ratio has a 1:20 which means a lot of people don’t get what they are looking for it and they end up buying new products and the percentage is 92% customers end up buying a new product, such as, car, phone or real estate. Therefore, OOH came into play to build the brand recall and sustenance,” Tarun added.

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