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Maruti S-Cross - Crossing over Traditional OOH

By Satarupa Chakraborty - November 03, 2015

The Maruti S-Cross outdoor campaign was launched alongside other mediums as part of the 360 degree plan as opposed to traditional OOH plan, where outdoor follows other mediums.

Maruti S-Cross recently unveiled its high-decibel launch campaign, where maximum visibility was achieved through the most premium OOH sites. Executed by Laqshya Group, the campaign used large media formats comprising malls, corporate office hubs, unipoles, metro panels, street furniture etc. Covering 30 Indian cities, 10 airports and approximately 200 Pan-Indian sites made the Maruti S-Cross launch one of the largest geographically-covered campaign. The outdoor campaign was launched alongside other mediums as part of the 360 degree plan, as opposed to traditional OOH plan, where outdoor follows other mediums. Outdoor Asia chatted with Sanjeev Handa, VP, Marketing and Sales, Maruti India to get the pulse of this eye-catching and large-coverage OOH campaign. Read on

What was the brief of the campaign

There were basically two objectives of the campaign:
  • To launch Maruti S-Cross as the first of Maruti's Crossover category of cars. We looked at a grand entry of the car model, choosing best of locations in order to penetrate into highest possible number of target audience.
  • The campaign was also executed to showcase the new dealership channel NEXA  and premium cars launched under its banner. It was also to announce that S-Cross is available through the Nexa dealership.

What was the TG you had in mind?

We primarily targeted men living in metro cities, tech-conscious and travel-savvy. Hence, we targeted top 6 metros along with some mini metros.

Keeping the brief in mind, how did you elaborate your agency to execute it?

Based on the brief that we generated, Laqshya did a great job through the campaign, by tapping just the right locations in order to capture the TG we had in mind. We wanted the campaign to have a very scientific approach, aiming at highest visibility quotient and propensity. We are present at all important airports in India simply because we have the highest eyeballs and that too of the target audience. We have also resorted to office areas and hoardings at the right places in each city.

What sort of media mix have you used for the campaign?

We went for a 360 degree brand campaign. Generally, for any other brand or car models, we roll out print and electronic campaign first and then launch OOH, with the idea to create salience of the brand value. But for this campaign, we launched it along with electronic. Rather, we wanted to focus on OOH along with supportive media. And this created maximum brand visibility and brand recalls.

What sales growth are you expecting out of the campaign?

Since it was not a sales campaign, we are looking at returns. The campaign was built purely from scratch. Once the brand value is built, attraction of TG is most important. However, we can't mention any percentage of sales growth or sorts right after the roll-out.

What is the duration of current campaign and how do you plan to improvise it as the sales pick up?

Started in July-end this year, the normal duration of the whole campaign was 1.5 months. However, in airports and some other high traffic areas, we will continue for another 6 months. We first rolled out the campaign for Nexa and then a week later, S-Cross came into presence through OOH.

How is this different from other campaigns from Maruti?

We do effective outdoor for other car models too, but generally for the sustainability. But, OOH is used as a frequency medium in this campaign. If you look at the evolvement of OOH, it has shunned old traditional formats and created larger-than-life magic and grandeur. We are aware and conscious of the trends of OOH and we are going to use it extensively.

Atul Srivastava, CEO, Laqshya Group

What was the brief you got from the client?

The foremost factor that we keep in mind is the most primary campaign objective that we set - whether the campaign is about informing them of a new product (cognition) or about any new features in an existing product (perceptual) or if we are trying to elicit some action from our target customers (behavioural) say if we are doing some test camps or soliciting test drives.

We executed the campaign using our planning tool in identifying the premium TG at most strategic locations PAN India. Our research team helped us with the demographic data of each city, which helped us to identify the locations & TG movement as per the campaign objective. We cherry picked the sites which were going in line with the stature of the brand, to create premium imagery across all the OOH media formats we had selected.

What was the exclusivity factor of the campaign?

It's the first time that any automobile brand has done a campaign based on scientific planning & research led data in selection of media & routes, which is selected on the bases of traffic study conducted by the third party agency without any manual intervention. S-Cross campaign is executed extensive on most of the airports, prominent malls of more than 25 cities, all the key arterial routes having heavy traffic and major corporate office hubs. All kind of media formats were experimented with, starting from traditional large format billboards, FOBs, unipoles to digital screens, one way vision, tripods, scroller to video walls which created exclusivity for the brand.


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