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‘Location, scale & timing: make our wallscapes so desired’

By Rajiv Raghunath - July 27, 2023

For 20 years, the KAP Media team has had a major presence at San Diego Comic-Con, assisting large brands with OOH presence just as hundreds of thousands of people pour into the streets of San Diego. Lori Brabant, Founder/CEO at KAP Media Group & Kelly Reynolds, Partner/Strategic Business Development at KAP Media Group talk about this big event engagement in an interview with Rajiv Raghunath.

Beginning with 2 wallscapes at San Diego Comic-Con, KAP Media has come a long way in the realm of OOH advertising. Tell us about your success story and what keeps you ahead of the growth curve?

KELLY: KAP Media’s work isn’t done behind a computer. We are on the ground, and in the weeds, just like the rest of the team with all of our OOH postings, all over the country. We walk miles during installation weeks to make sure every corner and edge is perfect.

Our strong relationship with our property partners keeps us a step ahead and finds new canvas to add to our existing buys as we continue to grow from just two simple wallscapes to over 22 wallscapes (and this is San Diego Comic-Con alone). 

Kelly Reynolds, Partner/Strategic Business Development, KAP Media Group (left) & Lori Brabant, Founder/CEO at KAP Media GroupWhat factors go into making wallscapes so compelling to brands at SDCC? How do you identify sites and what level of creative planning goes into executing the branding solutions?

KELLY: Location, scale and timing - the trifecta to what makes our wallscapes so desired by brands. San Diego Comic-Con has become one of the biggest in-person stages for the studios and networks to make announcements and celebrate the success of popular arts. Talent is here, the audience is here and the executives are all here in San Diego for this special week. The locations are paramount to the experience and who can miss the scale? KAP Media has printed over 200,000 square feet of graphics for San Diego Comic Con just in 2023 alone. 

Our largest wall at the Marriott Marquis sits right next to the Convention Center. At 36,000 sq. ft of saturated beautiful colour, this is the wall that can be seen from everywhere in downtown San Diego as hundreds of thousands of fans pour into the streets all weekend long. 

A great deal of detail and planning goes into these installations from many teams. KAP works closely with the studio’s creative teams to guide them through the nuances of our unique installations. These are not flat billboards or print ads. We have to incorporate roof details, window extensions, balconies and power sources which makes specific artwork placement very important. No one wants the star of their TV series to have their face placed over a seam or distorted by a window frame, so KAP’s attention to detail and expertise is key. Final proofs are reviewed by multiple teams to confirm color, art placement and creative approvals. There are hundreds of people involved in our process to create, print and install our 20+ wraps this year at SDCC.   

You have an enduring association with Comic-Con. What are the most innovative brand associations that you have had for this event, and what is being planned for this year’s event?

LORI: We have been partnering with SDCC since 2012 when we wrapped our first wallscape at the Marriott Marquis that Kelly mentioned earlier. Over the last 12 years, we have partnered with brands including Paramount+, ABC, AMC, Fox, CW, Syfy, National Geographic Channel, Amazon Prime, History Channel and so many more. 

AMC has done a great job of integrating Out of Home media placements paired with on-the-ground activations. We have partnered with them for years at the Hilton Gaslamp as we wrap all of the available real estate at the hotel so they can successfully amplify their messaging over the entire three day event. This year, we are adding an additional element of lighting up all of their wallscapes, which will make their presence even more spectacular. 

TV show The Boys campaign

What kind of brands have a marked preference for wallscapes? 

LORI: TV networks and streaming services tend to dominate our wallscapes. It is a unique opportunity to announce a new release, a second season or even a recurring show that is a fan favorite. 

Which are the markets where you undertake OOH advertising works, and do you have plans for expanding your geographical reach?

LORI: KAP is expanding across the country. We partnered with SXSW in Austin this year (2023) and brands that we partnered with included Amazon Prime, Showtime, and MGM. We are excited for our 2024 return in a bigger and better way. We also have postings in Nashville, Philadelphia and the PGA Tour on deck.

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Find KAP Media at or on Instagram at @kapmediagroup to see our amazing wallscapes at this year’s SDCC and beyond. 


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