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Karnataka Bank sets up phygital experience centre to unravel its 100-yr banking journey

By M4G Bureau - February 20, 2024

The centre has been developed in collaboration with DaveAI

In celebration of Karnataka Bank's century-long journey, a Phygital Experience Centre has been set up where audiences can an immersive exploration of the bank's past, present, and future. This has been developed in collaboration with DaveAI, a leading AI-powered experience platform.

Karnataka bank- Futuristic setting

The Phygital Experience Centre, inaugurated by the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka D K Shivakumar, promises a transformative encounter that seamlessly merges the physical and digital realms. 

At the core of this innovative venture lies DaveAI’s proprietary visual synthesis pipeline, meticulously integrated into captivating narratives, gesture-controlled experiences, and immersive simulations. Visitors are greeted by virtual avatars, even as take part in virtual reality tours, and engage with augmented reality experiences, all curated to provide a glimpse of Karnataka Bank's evolution over the past century and its vision for the future of banking.

"When Karnataka Bank celebrated their centenary year, one of their most important questions was, what do they need to do so that their legacy continues for another 100 years. They turned to us to ideate on what is possible in the future of banking. Together we came up with a very futuristic experience center with great ideas to showcase what they are already doing as well as what they would plan to do,” said Dr Ananth, CTO & Co-Founder at DaveAI.

Commenting on the launch, Pankaj Gupta, CDMO at Karnataka Bank, said: "It is a proud moment for Karnataka Bank as we seamlessly blend tradition with the boundless possibilities of the future. Our Digital Experience Centre stands as a testament to this fusion, exuding beauty and innovation in every corner. Now, our mission extends beyond mere admiration within our experience center; it's about bringing these immersive experiences to the doorsteps of all our customers, enriching their lives both within the confines of their homes and beyond."


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