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Have a ‘great hair day’ with Sephora in Dubai

By M4G Bureau - September 08, 2023

The cosmetic giant unveiled its latest campaign with an innovative billboard where the visual changes as one drives past it.

Haircare is perhaps one of the most important parts of a self-care routine and we all know how difficult it can be. Sephora – the French multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products – turned to OOH to tell everyone that everyday can be a great hair day. 

Sephora OOH campaign

For its latest campaign, Sephora unveiled an enormous 205 x 50 feet billboard at the Dubai Mall Junction. The billboard features a zig zag pattern installation that uses reverse perspective – the visual on the billboard changes as one drives past it, adding a dynamic element to the asset.

Executed by 24/7 Media and Petals Communications, it took about 15 days for the team to create the installation and 2 days to setup the massive billboard. Beginning on 1st September, the campaign will be live for a total of two months. 


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