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Amazon intrigues consumers with artistic installations

By Bhawana Anand - July 20, 2018

Handled by Rapport Outdoor Advertising, the prime day flash sale was promoted through unique & appealing structures at high-foot fall locations in top three metros

Even before Amazon’s Prime Day flash deals could create some excitement amongst buyers, the innovative OOH campaign designed to promote the big deal captured the attention as well as social media posts of many, including some celebrities. The e-commerce giant took a fresh campaigning route to create the buzz and retention factor with unique installations executed in the top three metros- Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

This time, the brand instead of boarding onto the conventional outdoor formats, acquired the on-ground space where the huge installations of auto-rickshaw, peacocks, delivery boys, etc. with parcel boxes were placed at prime locations, emphasising the sale date i.e. #16th July. The idea was to depict that great deals are on its way for the consumers.

All installations designed in the same theme were deployed at premium high-footfalls secured locations such as malls, metro stations, airports, cafes, etc. in all three cities. These well illuminated installations also turned out to be selfie points for many which brought the brand a step closer to the TG. The campaign also gained traction with various celebrities uploaded installation on their social media to enquire about the specific date and appreciating the art.

The OOH duties for Amazon is handled by Rapport Outdoor Advertising.


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