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Technology makes OOH wise: Amit Taneja

By Nabamita Chatterjee - March 23, 2016

Speaking at the East Talks OOH conference in Kolkata recently, Amit Taneja, Director, Adwise, highlighted that technology is going to be the most important enabler for the growth of OOH in the future.

Amit Taneja, Director, Adwise while talking about "Can technology rev up the OOH engine in the east?' at the East Talks OOH conference in Kolkata highlighted the need for the digital perception to create a more professional impact from the outdoor campaigns.

He suggested that today it is possible to control and monitor even the sites at very remote locations with the help of latest technology and how it can also remove the geographical hindrances.
Taneja mentions, "It is important to add real value to a platform and the brands are looking for this credibility in this medium. A justification of the ROI is only possible if there is an universally accepted standard metric for each site. With the help of latest technologies it is possible to have a proactive approach towards the problems needed for any outdoor campaign."
He added that Solomo - social-local-mobile are the three mantras which can be utilized in a very scientific manner when it comes to outdoor with the help of a third party intervention.



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