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Digikore launches two new LED products in India

By M4G Bureau - April 27, 2018

Digiwalker and Digikore foldable LED screens are available for both indoor and outdoor displays and come in interesting shapes and designs

Digikore, a smart product company launched two new LED display variants in India called Digiwalker and Digikore foldable LED screens. The new innovative products are exported from China under Digikore brand name which can be utilised for advertising purpose at avenues like malls, bars, and etc.

Digiwalker, a portable LED display, is easy to carry and install as it can be carried around like a trolley. There are two models available i.e. Easywalker 3 and Easywalker 6 in 250mmx250mm and 192mmx192mm unit sizes, respectively. These water proof units can be used single or can be made into a set to increase the display size. The screen size of Easywalker 3 is 1*1.75 and Easywalker 6 is 0*768*1.728 has audio function support. Along with these two, there is another variant which is Easywalker 6- Semi Outdoor.

Digikore Foldable LED Screen is one of the slimmest LED screens which is flexible and foldable on 360 degree angel front & back. These screens can be displayed from the ceilin. The foldable LED screen is available in various pixel pitches - P6, P7.8, P10.4 and P12.5 for both indoor and outdoor displays and are waterproof. Their extremely light weight body comes in pitch 20mm to pitch 6mm, the weight of the display is from 10 kg per sq. m. to 14 kg per sq. m. From 2,000 nits to 7000 nits, there are many options, indoor and outdoor LED display.

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