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QSR brand targets BQS media for frequency building

By Pray Jani - December 04, 2019

Cashing in the ‘Made in India’ factor, Jumboking competes with international QSR brands

Jumboking, a QSR brand constructs an extended reach for the brand building with BQS exclusive campaign in Mumbai. With an interesting tagline ‘Made in India’ plastered on 56 BQS deployed across Mumbai including western and central line, the brand aims to point out that they understand the audience’s taste better than international competitors.

“Jumboking is a made in India brand. The Millennials, generation Z and generation alpha take great pride in homegrown brands and our campaign reflects this emotion,” pointed out the company’s spokesperson. The campaign is said to last for 15 days, where the goal is to remind the onlookers that they can also get their burgers delivered from Jumboking. The brand connected with Times OOH for the extensive reach through BQS media.

“The YOY share of ordering in has increased from 2% in April 2018 - nearly 10% in April 2019. The latent demand for convenience, which Jumboking has always been mindful of with its store locations, now has another dimension, thanks to delivery. We wanted to offer a subtle visual suggestion to our commuters, to be reminded of our products before they reached their destination- so they could order on the way,” added the spokesperson.

The brand has experimented with BQS media for the first time here to reap the benefits of the transit media to connect with their audience. Here, the brand is targeting the Mumbaikars who are busy commuting, and an eye-catching ad such as theirs is sure to pass the message even at a few second’s glance.



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