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Experiential advertising is the future

By - May 31, 2024

Saibal Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Xperia Group asserts that experiential advertising complemented by highly creative content will progressively edge out conventional mode of OOH advertising in major markets.

Saibal Gupta

We don`t want to see advertising and this is a reality. Today`s GenZ and Millennials don`t want to see advertising, which is a dying concept in marketing. GenZ and Millennials want to experience the products and services to gain trust and believe in the products and services offered by the brands. 

What do we understand by experience creation? When the five senses or more than two senses get touched or stimulated by any incident in our life, we remember that incident and that is what we call as experience.  

Marketing will soon get well ahead of just branding, and ATL & BTL will not be the concepts to bank on. It will be experiential marketing.

For instance, an outdoor experience will be created with large installations, tech integrations with AI, machine learning, and creativity. 

Creative content that can create illusions like CGI, and anamorphic content of the next level will be taken into the market. In one word, experience creation will be a function of creativity and talent. 

Conventional outdoor will be used in T3/T4 cities as it will be a cost-effective media to paint entire towns and cities with the brand theme. 

We have been experiencing a shrinking media spend on conventional OOH media advertising. Other than real estate brands, media spend on OOH is rather low in markets like Delhi NCR and Bengaluru due to the high costs of this medium. With rising municipal corporation charges on OOH, higher will be the cost of this medium and as a result, OOH spends will continue to shrink.

The cost-effective way of doing advertising will be through good experiential advertising and scaling it with digital/ experiential media for any campaign. More granular targeting at relevant touchpoints will be a cost-effective way to communicate with the target audiences. pDOOH will be in use in the near future with more creative content to target the right audience.


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