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‘Creativity extends beyond just innovations, creativity is a mindset.’

By Sakshi Sanghavi - May 20, 2024

“Embracing creativity in every campaign can uplift India's OOH landscape and leave a lasting impression on viewers.” says Roshan Rawat, General Manager & Creative Head, Times OOH

The Indian Out-Of-Home industry is widening its expanse at a very steady and growing pace. Highlighting the current market and how important creativity is in OOH, Roshan Rawat, General Manager and Creative Head, Times OOH shared his insights in an interview with Media4Growth.

Is creativity subjective to campaigns?

“In my view creativity extends beyond just innovations. Creativity is a mindset. While innovations can kickstart creativity, it's the thoughtful, imaginative problem-solving that truly defines it. In the realm of OOH in India, creativity can range from well-crafted messages to innovative installations or technological integrations,” states Roshan.


“Regardless of scope or budget, every campaign harbours creative potential. It's about uncovering new perspectives, questioning norms, and utilising the medium to connect with the audience. Embracing creativity in every campaign can uplift India's OOH landscape and leave a lasting impression on viewers. I don’t agree with the view that India lags behind in OOH creativity. Look at the recent campaigns executed by Times OOH on DND - it is the new Innovation Corridor of India.”


Highlighting some examples, Roshan added, “In India the kind of innovations and creativity that is executed in OOH campaigns in the airports and metro environment are far superior to those seen anywhere in the world. Look at the anamorphic campaigns by Vistara, JBL, Lenovo and Intel done at Delhi and Mumbai airports, e-cart branding by Lodha at Mumbai airport.”

Tackling challenges and uplifting creativity

Roshan points out that “when it comes to handling the creative side of campaigns, we often face challenges like aligning creative vision with client goals, managing tight timelines and budgets, and crafting messaging that resonates with diverse audiences. Additionally, standing out in a crowded market and quantifying the impact of creative efforts can be tough. To boost the creative quotient of campaigns, we focus on:

  1. Understanding consumer insights to develop compelling creative strategies.
  2. Fostering collaborative environments where creative agencies, media owners, planning strategists, and clients
  3. Embracing innovative technologies and media channels to amplify brand stories.
  4. Continuously measuring and optimising creative performance to drive results.”

Roshan further explains, “By tackling these challenges head-on and implementing these strategies, we can elevate the creative effectiveness of campaigns, drive meaningful engagement, and deliver memorable brand experiences that leave a lasting impression.”

Importance of recognition and awards

“Recognising creativity is important for our team's motivation and growth. Winning awards is a big deal because it:

  1. Shows we're doing great work, according to industry experts
  2. Motivates our team to keep pushing creative boundaries
  3. Strengthens our client's trust in our abilities
  4. Sets a high standard for creativity, encouraging us to innovate
  5. Attracts top talent to our team.

“Winning awards is a celebration of our team's hard work and creativity. It inspires us to keep producing amazing work and making a lasting impact.”


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