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Allflex Plastics LLP

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Printing Machine & Material (Printable Material)



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7, Chatawala Gulli

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Telephone: 033-22369951/1182

Mobile: +91 9674718111

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Email: info@allflex.co.in

Website: http://allflex.co.in


Allflex Plastic LLP is located in Eastern reign of India, Kolkata city, West Bengal state.

Management of the company are into manufacturing business from last 15 years, starting with production of PP flute board, GPPS sheets, Polycarbonate sheets, and HIPS sheets Acrylic Sheets and other plastic sheets by introducing new production line every alternative year.

The group currently produce fourteen different types of plastic products in eastern reign of India.

We started PVC Flex manufacturing in the year 2016 with advanced production technology from Taiwan, China and India.

Allflex has production capacity of 1000MT per month of PVC flex banner around 12000 Tons a year. We manufacture all kind of front lit banner in both category (HOT/COLD), Black back and Backlit. We cater PAN INDIA market.

Our registered trademark comes associated with promise of assurance to quality saying loud about the product and the product range with a symbol of rising of our company as well as our associate and partners.

We have gained the reputation of manufacturing the best quality product and providing the best business solutions to the customer’s commitment and dedication.

Allflex Plastics LLP has highly skilled professionals who coordinate with us in the production, packaging of marketing process, well versed with market conditions and demands, enable them to develop and distribute products keeping in mind the priorities of clients.

Our infrastructure is furnished with hi-tech machinery that facilitates bulk production of our products. It is complemented with quality testing equipments, consistent power of water supply helping us to develop a product according to the client’s requirements and deliver it within the given time.

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