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State-of-the-art ad-roller® set to invade malls, airports with innovative media

By Rajiv Raghunath - September 12, 2017

The innovative solution is being brought to India by Msquare Ad Roller India, a joint venture of digital printing major Macromedia and OOH firm Maverick Media

European OOH advertising solution provider ad-roller®, known worldwide for their state-of-the-art handrail media on escalators, moving walkways and conveyor belts, is set to impress consumers at points of frequency and points of sale across India. The innovative solution is being brought to India by Msquare Ad Roller India, a joint venture of digital printing major Macromedia Digital Imaging and OOH firm Maverick Media, is not only the first of its kind to be introduced in India, but also brings with it a raft of compelling advantages to brands, and media owners.

By utilising hitherto unused, existing structures, ad-roller generates revenues to the owners of escalators and walkways with no additional investment. What’s more, ad-roller offers at the same time a highly efficient media to advertisers and companies seeking innovative solutions to reach their respective target groups.

ad-roller is highly consumer-friendly and the media presents itself in pleasant haptic, attractive colourful designs that keep the eyeballs away from the worn down black handrails. The media brings with it enhanced hygiene and increased safety too – given that the moving media gives the users a clear sense of the pace of movement of the handrail along with the escalator.

ad-roller creates an impactful media that is highly visible, captive and catching undivided attention of consumers for up to 40 seconds, which results in ~78% brand recall. On minimum 7 sq. m., 60 m. length advertisers get the opportunity to create innovative solutions on a new moving media format which is touched by thousands of consumers every day.

Speaking about this initiative, Naresh Kumar D, Founder of Msquare Ad Roller Indiaand MD, Macromedia Digital Imaging, said: “Launching ad-roller in the Indian market is a natural progression for Macro Media Digital’s expansion plans. This is an exclusive product with world class standards in terms of quality, utility and safety and is set to revolutionise branding at key consumer touchpoints. For the escalator owners, this is a good revenue source that will come about without any new investments.”

Lokesh Kumar, Founder of Msquare Ad Roller Indiaand Director, Maverick Media, said: “In our endeavour to bring the best in OOH visibility to all our clients, we have embarked on this journey to introduce ad-roller which is aesthetically pleasing, and a quality branding option with measurable ROI for brands. We have been passionately researching on a media like this for several years, an ideal media for brands to connect, engage and literally guide the TG at the point of consumption.”

He added that ad-roller can even serve to direct the customers to the stores, while also providing for integration of QR codes that will enable the brand to give consumers more content, including the direction finders, map of the mall, etc.

He assured that the media is colourfast, scratch-proof and durable, backed by a 1-month warranty for each application, and also fire-proof – certified by the City of Vienna’s Surveillance Testing & Certification Body as well as certified by the German body TÜV.

ad-roller stands out for its ease of deployment and removal, leaving no scratch or residue on the handrail. It has been applied at several international airports, malls, convention centres, stadiums as well train and subway stations across Europe, America, Australia and is now ready to excite the market in India.

Michael Rudelstorfer, COO of ad-roller® global, is extremely delighted to cooperate with Msquare Ad Roller India. He said: “Since quite a while we have been keen to enthuse equally escalator owners, advertisers, companies, and customers in the attractive Indian market. After we got in touch with Msquare Ad Roller India, it turned out quickly that we have found a very dynamic, highly competent and experienced business associate who will be a reliable partner for us and for their customers all over India.”

“Msquare Ad Roller India shares our credo, to create win-win situations for all relevant stakeholders on the market, by establishing ad-roller, bringing benefits to all of them,” Rudelstorfer said. “We are already looking very much forward to the first campaigns in India. It is always a great pleasure to see how excited everybody is, when being confronted with our innovative media for the first time!”

His passion for ad-roller becomes apparent when Rudelstorfer is asked to sum up the major advantages of the solution: “Escalator passengers love the pleasant haptic, the attractive designs, and the increased orientation. Advertisers get a new moving format and a very powerful haptic media (around 80% of brand recall) which elevates the business of their customers. But ad-roller does not only advertise brands - it directs the customers to your shop. The owners of the locations will enjoy revenues for elsewise unused infrastructure and as a side effect they achieve increased safety at their locations.” Rudelstorfer added: “Working with ad-roller is fun and with Msquare Ad Roller India we are really glad to have the very best partner to successfully establish our “win-win media” in India.”



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