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 Samsung Display starts production of 65-inch UHD video wall

By M4G Bureau - November 13, 2018

New solution to offer 4-times higher resolution and enables connecting multiple signage displays of UHD quality

Samsung Display Co. confirms that it has started mass production of its ultra-high-definition (UHD) video walls to meet the rising demand for high-quality screens from the global digital signage industry.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. said it started the production of 65-inch UHD video walls in October, providing clients with new displays that offer four times higher resolution compared to full HD products, along with a reduced bezel for improved design.

The digital display products giant said that while displays with improved resolution normally faced hurdles in narrowing bezels, the new solution comes with what it calls the "ultra-narrow bezel" of 3.7 millimeters, minimizing the gap between panels.

According to the company, this new solution is significant as clients can connect a number of displays to create multi-vision signage of UHD quality. So the company is now connecting four 65-inch UHD video walls, equivalent to nine signage with 46-inch panels.

Samsung Display Co. expects the demand for video walls with improved resolutions to rise since according to the company, the 65-inch products will lead the market for premium digital signage.


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