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‘Engage innovators at campaign ideation stage’

By Pray Jani - June 04, 2021

Provas Kumar Ghosh, Founder and Director, Sai Hitech Advertising calls for innovators and fabricators to be involved by agencies at the early stage of a campaign rollout.

Provas Kumar Ghosh, Founder & Director<br>Sai Hitech Advertising A Talon report based on special build effectiveness research released in early 2020 stated that campaigns using special techniques boosted purchase consideration by 35% when compared with standard OOH, “and 65% of respondents felt that those brands were more innovative and more exciting”.

Closer home, in India, the OOH innovation ecosystem is apparently not as well integrated as is evident in markets like the UK. The different stakeholder groups engaged in the planning and rollouts of campaigns are not seen to be working in tandem.

Alluding to this imperative, Provas Kumar Ghosh, Founder and Director, Sai Hitech Advertising told Outdoor Asia, “The agencies would only present a concept which looked good on paper. The practicality of the idea is seldom discussed with us. An ideal practice would have been to involve us right before finalising the idea so we that we could comment on the possibilities.”

Provas asserts that innovators and fabricators have the expertise and equipment to add greater value to the campaigns.


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