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Wrap2Earn renders measurability & transparency to vehicle branding

By Bhawana Anand - August 28, 2018

With the help of technology, the company measures the impact through kilometres, real-time location, impression and tamper proof audits


Wrap2Earn, a Mumbai-based vehicle branding solutions firm, has disrupted the car branding space by bringing measurability and transparency to the medium by placing a real-time tracking system on the branded vehicles along with a dashboard and mobile app available directly to the advertising clients. Currently, with more than 5,000 cars being branded, the company is serving across all Tier-1 cities in India, such as, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

Elaborating about the company, Elmer D’Silva, Founder & CEO, Wrap2Earn in an exclusive conversation with Media4Growth shared, “Wrap2Earn is a marketplace platform that connects advertisers and car (Commercial and Private) owners. We are very involved with the entire campaign cycle for a brand -- we learn their objectives (branding, conversion, etc...) and based on this customise our offerings to meet their marketing needs”.

Explaining about their unique offering, D’Silva said, “None of the vehicle/cab branding agencies provide real-time analytics. We give a marketeer the ability to assess the effectiveness of their Wrap2Earn campaign in real time”. Moreover, the process has been made quite simpler for the brand marketers where advertisers have to simply register on their platform and create a campaign as per their requirements such as city, number of cars, and campaign duration. Once the campaign is created and verified by them, it is published on the platform and drivers registered on our platform receive a notification regarding the new campaign and can join the campaign if interested.

“When the campaign begins, the drivers have to start the Wrap2Earn application whenever they drive, which helps the driver see his earnings in real-time as he/she drives and also gives us location insights which we provide to our advertisers on their dashboard”.

Brands receive access to an online dashboard that allows them to track the effectiveness of their campaign. The below information is available to them:

Real-time location of the branded cars: Brands are able to see where all the cars participating in their campaign are at a point in time and see if the cars are on a trip or parked.
Kilometer reading: Brands are able to track the number of kms driven by day broken down by geo-location (example: Andheri Easy, Bandra West, etc...). They are also able to see what time of day these kms are being driven (Morning, Afternoon, evening, etc...).
Impressions: Wrap2earn has partnered with a third-party company that provides real-time traffic congestion data around a branded car. That coupled with certain other factors (time of day, wrap style, etc..) are used to compute potentially the number of eyeballs viewing the branding.
Tamper Proof Audit: Wrap2Earn has a functionality within the app that allows drivers that are participating in a campaign to send through images of their cars which needs to be done via the app (hence, tamper proof) and not directly via their camera -- these images are displayed on the brand’s dashboard. Example: “if it's a one-month campaign; we will ask drivers to send through images of their branded vehicles in 15 days and again towards the end of the campaign.

Making vehicle as a lot more engaging point, initiatives like in car branding with coupon codes to track activation, missed call services, in-car sampling, Bluetooth beacon based notifications which help re-target users over Google Ad Network and Digital screens have been embedded in the campaign to inform the marketers about their campaign traction.

The vehicle branding expert is working with an array of brands such as Chat App, e-commerce platforms, electronic appliances makers, etc., where 90% of the deals are done directly and rest comes from agency side, shared D’Silva.

Going forward, the company is working on ways to get more analytics for brands on the people behind the impressions their campaign is receiving - things like demographics, buying behaviour, etc. Along with ways to re-target 'exposed devices' on other online platforms. “We are exploring on/in-car campaigns with augmented and virtual reality”, said D’Silva.


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