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What’s the key to unlocking an evolving OOH? This OAC 2023 session offers some leads

By N Jayalakshmi - July 29, 2023

Day 1 of Outdoor Advertising Convention 2023 had a dynamic panel discussion that raised some critical questions and thoughts - pointers that could have a bearing on how brands look at the OOH medium in their marketing scheme of things.

Out of Home (OOH) is possibly the only medium with a dynamic variety of formats available within its fold. With DOOH and immersive technologies gaining more traction, the medium in fact offers infinite opportunities to brands seeking newer ways of connecting with their audiences. 

But, do brands consider all OOH / DOOH formats when they plan their media spends or draw up their campaign plans? Or are large formats like billboards the only ones kept in view? Is there merit in working with AOR or with multiple agencies when planning and launching OOH / DOOH campaigns? Will a robust common currency drive higher spends on the medium? These were among other vital questions addressed during the panel discussion on ‘How an evolving OOH can be pivotal to brand marketing’ at the Outdoor Advertising Convention 2023 inaugurated on July 28th at Manekshaw Centre, Delhi.  

Moderated by Rajiv Raghunath, Managing Editor - Media4Growth and Outdoor Asia, the panel discussion had  Ruchika Gupta, Marketing Director – India, Beam Suntory; Apurva Sircar, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing, Bandhan Bank;  Amit Sinha, GM – Marketing,  PNB MetLife India Insurance; and Arkaprava Ray, Head - Marketing Strategy, Brand Partnerships & Events, HSBC India;

Moderated by Rajiv Raghunath, Managing Editor - Media4Growth and Outdoor Asia, the panel discussion had Arkaprava Ray, Head - Marketing Strategy, Brand Partnerships & Events HSBC India;  Ruchika Gupta, Marketing Director – India, Beam SuntoryApurva Sircar, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing, Bandhan Bank; Amit Sinha, GM – Marketing, PNB MetLife India Insurance; participating.  

The discussion touched on crucial questions facing brands today as they seek to leverage an evolving OOH medium. Some key points and wish-lists that emerged during the session include :  

  • Platform to create awareness on the variety of OOH media formats available
  • Greater engagement between OOH industry and brand marketers to enable discovery of the diverse possibilities 
  • Pushing up OOH on the priority list of brand marketing plan
  • Clutter-breaking creative concepts that are unique to the medium 
  • Specialised OOH expertise to leverage the power of the medium 
  • Scientific measures to arrive at common currency through the participation of all industry stakeholders 

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