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Wall Graffiti Media transforms wall advertising

By VJ Media Bureau - October 13, 2014

Pacific Digital which has introduced Wall Graffiti Media expects widespread adoption of the media in the outdoor space given its aesthetic value and ease-of-deployment

Printing major Pacific Digital has revolutionised the concept of outdoor advertising on walls with its proprietary Wall Graffiti Media. The Mumbai-based digital printer expects widespread adoption of the Wall-Graffiti Media in the outdoor space given its aesthetic value and ease-of-deployment.

Pacific Digital has been in the business of printing for over 25 years and offers total solutions for indoor and outdoor digital printing. The firm's printing facility is equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of printed products and services that includes solvent, eco-solvent and inkjet printing.

Pacific Digital noted some time back that traditional wall painting, though popular in many markets in India, was riddled with quality issues. Most often, the traditional wall paintings bore spelling mistakes, irregular graphics, colour mismatch, proportional errors and other consistency issues. Against this back drop, the firm decided to introduce Wall Graffiti Media which is meant to replace the traditional/conventional wall painted ads.

Addressing the typical issues seen with traditional wall painting, Wall Graffiti ensures that the brand identity is preserved as the medium replicates print / outdoor creatives on walls instead of only key messaging and is easy to apply. Pacific Digital informs that the media is a unique material with unsurpassed strength and outstanding tear and puncture resistance. The media does not fall apart once mounted on any surface unlike paper and PVC. And can be pasted on all forms of walls plastered.

While the cost of Wall Graffiti Media is higher than traditional wall painting, the firm is looking at both brands that are currently doing wall paintings and those that are not considering the traditional media as it cannot replicate their mainline creatives.  

To promote the new media, the firm is pushing the product to its current set of clients through sampling and product demos and is also working on a trade promotional plan that will include advertising in trade magazines, online banners, search engine ads and one-to-one demos with the business heads of major advertising and rural marketing agencies. Also, the product is going to be available across 27 distribution branches of Maxx Flex and Imaging Systems for mass market production across India.  

When asked whether the stringent outdoor norms in most markets will restrict the use of Wall Graffiti Media across the country, the firm responded with the statement that "there is scope for wide use of Wall Graffiti, especially since a large section of marketing / outdoor advertising in Tier 2 cities, towns and villages is still done through wall paintings. The medium is adapting to various state regulations and civic body enforcements by using paid walls with proper permissions from civic bodies.”

The smaller markets are indeed the most promising destinations for this media. Traditionally, wall paintings were done in the interiors of cities, villages, next to railway stations, bus stops, in and around shops and the market areas, especially in areas which do not have billboards. "Wall Graffiti is one of the most effective methods of advertising in rural India offering great visibility and brand awareness,” the firm states.

When asked what measures have been taken to ensure that the material does not pose any health hazards to people who come in contact with this media on the streets, Pacific Digital said in response "that during the research and development phase of the media one of our key objectives was to make it as environment friendly as possible and we have ensured that the final product is 100 per cent eco-friendly, non-toxic and 100 per cent recyclable.”

Wall Graffiti Media can be used for Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Inkjet, Offset or Screen Printing on existing machines. And if the creative has the 3d depth, the wall graphic will stand out in the outdoor space.


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