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Walk The Talk Communications plans strident steps on OOH landscape

By M4G Bureau - August 26, 2022

The OOH agency, led by Nikhil Verma, Rajat Sikder, Vipul Mehta & Hardeep Singh, is debuting with five offices – in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Nikhil VermaRajat Sikder A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Walk The Talk Communications, an OOH advertising agency came into existence a couple of months back. Long-term relationships and mutual trust with people with whom the leadership team has worked in the past provided business opportunities to set the ball rolling. Like-minded people came on board and WTT started spreading its wings.

All this while a formal announcement has not happened because the team wanted to have the basic infrastructure in place and then tell the world about it. WTT now has offices in 5 cities, namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata. A dedicated team of 20 experienced OOH professionals is spread across these cities.

“When you work for a very long time in different organisations, you unknowingly keep making a list of things that you feel right about. With each passing day/month/year, you keep revisiting this list to make it better and better. One day you figure out that the list that you have in hand, can be a starting point for a new journey and you embark upon that with all your heart and passion” – says Nikhil Verma who initiated the idea of a new OOH agency. He adds “We all have served organisations in the past for many years, now is the time to become owners! Idea is to build an organisation where every single person owns it!”

“A happy person spreads positivity and brings the best to the table in terms of deliverables and we are committed to building a team that is happy,” says Rajat Sikder who was instrumental in putting the initial plan of a new agency into action.

Vipul MehtaHardeep Singh“Our focus will always be on basic hygiene in every aspect of the business. That is the key to a healthy relationship and mutual trust” says Vipul Mehta who came on board as part of the leadership team.

Hardeep Singh, part of the leadership team says, “Meeting expectations of our esteemed clients will not be our only goal, I will expect each one of our team members to go beyond the expectations and add value to the entire experience.”

The leadership team collectively has decades of experience working in many organisations of repute in the past. All key people have been hand-picked keeping in mind their potential to create a second line of leadership that is ready to take over in the future.

“You need financial backing to action your plans. I was lucky to have Manoj Bajpayee, a very dear friend, on board who believed in our project and agreed to support it! We, at WTT, take pride in our association with Manoj, who is a legend and inspires people around him to do the best in whatever they do!” says Nikhil Verma.


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