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Times OOH showcases options at Mumbai Metro

By VJ Media Bureau - February 13, 2014

Times OOH presented branding opportunities and organized a client recee for the Mumbai Metro.

Times OOH unveiled the various advertising and sponsorship options available at the Mumbai Metro One. Times OOH is handling the exclusive advertising rights for Mumbai Metro. Their partnership with Mumbai Metro is for a period of 15 years during which a state-of-the-art digital network will be installed by the former. Times OOH showcased some unique sponsorship options like Stations Naming Rights, network of 147 units high definition digital screens, train wraps and many more. Some of the exciting advertising options available at Mumbai Metro that have the potential to elevate a brand to a new level include advertisements inside stations, customer engagement opportunities such as  product promotion & mobile charging points, among others .
Times OOH had also arranged for a recee for their esteemed clients and business partners at the Airport Road Station to give a realistic view of the unlimited advertising options at Mumbai Metro. The glittering event held at Hotel Leela was attended by the city's top notch media managers, advertising agencies, marketing professionals etc. Mr.Sunder Hemrajani, Managing Director, Times OOH and Abhay Mishra, CEO, Mumbai Metro One were also present.

Sunder Hemrajani, MD, Times OOH said, "Innovative advertising and sponsorship options have the potential to create a huge impact for any brand.  It's a golden opportunity for brands to take advantage of this novel advertising and sponsorship format. Imagine the wide audience base that this opportunity will present as the Mumbai Metro is slated to connect East with West.”
Speaking about the significance of such a transport system, he said, "Mumbai Metro Line is an important project under the Public Private Partnership. It will offer Mumbai citizens a comfortable, reliable and efficient transportation mode. Mumbai will see metro rail system for the 1st time which will offer state–of-the-art coaches, and passenger convenience systems. We are delighted to be associated with this project as the exclusive media partner of Mumbai Metro to offer world class media solutions to marketers for engaging with their target segments. We look forward to this long term association.”
Arghya Chakravarty, CEO, Times OOH said, "When it comes to out of home advertising in India, Times OOH is second to none. Our association with Mumbai Metro is a reiteration of this fact. At Mumbai Metro, we have not only utilize digital technology to the best possible extent but have  also brought to life OOH advertising's inherent benefits of freshness, freedom and scale through innovative display and engagement options.”

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