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Tim Bleakley shares factor responsible to make an iconic site

By Bhawana Anand - July 28, 2018

The CEO of Ocean Outdoor addresses the Indian OOH Industry during his session on how iconic DOOH changed the rules globally during his session on day 2 of OAC 2018

During the 2nd day of the OAC 2018 edition, Tim Bleakley, CEO, Ocean Outdoor delivers the first knowledge session on ‘How iconic digital OOH sites change the rules of the game’. He begins on a positive where he emphasized that Indian OOH market, indeed, has great business opportunities and future lies ahead, even in the absence of proper metrics solution. While elaborating the iconic-ness of the OOH medium, he clearly stated that Iconic in overused in the OOH industry wherein there are various factors which transforms an OOH site into iconic, such as

1-    Scarcity- A site that is rare and unique in nature becomes iconic

2-    Scale- An impactful site that stands out on streets and traffic areas is iconic

3-    Impact- A site capable to deliver an instant hit in a moment is iconic

4-    Location- The accurate destination is a key to iconic

5-    Full motion- A full motion site whose content can be consumed and shared via different screens is iconic

6-    Smart- An interactive and engaging site is a huge driver of iconic

7-    Vehicle recognition technology- This, pioneering technique that innovates and optimizes the way brands connect with their TG is iconic

8-    Amplifies Flame- A format capable of adding volume to the message and the medium starts becoming the message is iconic

In his presentation, he also establishes the point that the iconic sites tend to open new categories and luxury has been one of the fast-growing premium brand building focused segments within OOH medium.


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