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Signpost India rolls out bicycle sharing project to help underprivileged women

By M4G Bureau - March 08, 2019

The bicycle sharing project helps women of Thane socially and economically

Signpost IndiaSignpost India, a leading digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) enterprise, has rolled out a public convenience self-bicycle sharing project in Thane City that combines empowering of under-privileged women at Thane City.

The project offers economic and social benefits to women aged between 20 and 40 years, who have been involved in low end work due to absence of skill-sets and education.

“While the world celebrates Women’s Day, we at Signpost India are pleased with our initiative in not only conveying a Signpost Indiasocial messages through our core business activity, but also empowering the deprived and help them rise up to live with decorum and dignity,” said Shripad Ashtekar, Managing Director, Signpost India.

The bicycle sharing system conceptualized by Signpost India has empowered the all women team to get involved in a range of services related to the project, from maintenance to distribution, and has received recognition for their efforts in operating the 400-odd cycles across 36 dock stations in the Signpost Indiacity, Shripad said.

Says Prajakta Shinde, the Operations Head for the Thane city, “With rising urbanization and vehicular traffic leading to increased pollution levels, we feel that being associated with the cycling project is helping us contribute to the social cause, while enhancing our professional skills and economic strata.”

The cycling system app has so far been downloaded by 22,280 users with 4,749 of them being active users. So far, there have been 31,800 rides that has cumulatively travelled 141,675 km and burnt 4700 kCal and saved 28,340 kg of CO2 helping the city’s health and environment.


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