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Pune OOH wears a busy look about it

By Sakshi Sanghavi - June 25, 2024

Brands of all hues adorn the large formats

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is vibrant in the city of Pune this season with brands of all hues, national and regional alike, adorning the large formats on the prominent streets. 

Real Estate

Pune's real estate sector is in a constant state of expansion and innovation, catering to the growing urban population. Companies such as VTP Realty, ABIL Group, Life Republic, Nyati, and Pride World City are at the forefront, using OOH advertising to showcase luxurious living spaces, modern amenities, and integrated townships. These campaigns not only highlight architectural excellence but also emphasise lifestyle benefits and community living, resonating with Pune's discerning homebuyers.


Pune is renowned for its automobile industry, known for innovation and luxury. Brands like Range Rover leverage OOH advertising to unveil their latest models with striking visuals that emphasise elegance, performance, and cutting-edge technology. These campaigns are strategically placed in high-traffic areas to capture the attention of potential buyers, showcasing the brand's commitment to innovation and driving experience.


The banking sector plays a crucial role in Pune's financial ecosystem, offering a wide range of services from personal banking to corporate finance. Bank of Maharashtra utilises OOH advertising to not only promote their services but also to announce new offerings and reinforce trust among customers. These campaigns are strategically positioned near commercial hubs and financial districts, emphasising convenience and reliability in banking services.


Pune has emerged as a hub for electronics and technology, with companies like Maharashtra Electronics Corporation leading the charge. Their OOH campaigns focus on showcasing the latest gadgets, electronics, and home appliances. These advertisements highlight technological innovation, product features, and competitive pricing, appealing to Pune's tech-savvy consumers who value quality and innovation in their purchases.


OTT major JioCinema is using OOH advertising to promote its services and entertainment content. The brand campaigns highlight data plans, exclusive content offerings, and network reliability, aiming to attract a broad audience of mobile users and entertainment enthusiasts. 


Insurance companies in Pune play a crucial role in providing financial security and peace of mind to residents. Bajaj Life Insurance utilises OOH advertising to emphasise the importance of insurance coverage and the benefits of their comprehensive plans tailored to diverse needs. These campaigns often feature reassuring messages, customer testimonials, and visuals that depict security and protection, resonating with Pune's families and individuals seeking reliable insurance solutions.

Pune's adoption of innovative OOH advertising strategies across these diverse sectors underscores its dynamic growth and evolving consumer preferences. By leveraging creative campaigns and strategic placements, brands in Pune are effectively engaging with their target audiences, driving awareness, and influencing consumer decisions in a competitive market landscape.


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