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Power of idea and creativity is what the OOH industry represents: Ajay Kakar

By Sakshi Sanghavi - April 25, 2024

Addressing the 2nd Gujarat Talks OOH in Gujarat, renowned brand and marketing strategist Ajay Kakar urges brands to raise the creativity quotient of their OOH campaigns and craft narratives that resonate much more with audiences.

Ajay Kakar, a renowned brand and marketing strategist, took the stage at Gujarat Talks OOH, a flagship event of Media4Growth, to talk about why outdoor advertising is still one of brand’s most trusted mediums to advertise. With his inimitable style of presentation and deep knowledge of advertising, Ajay shared some interesting ideas about how outdoor ads could connect with audiences more deeply. The conference took place on April 23, at Courtyard by Marriott in Ahmedabad.

Ajay Kakar

At the outset, Ajay highlighted that the theme of his session should ideally have been: ‘Do Brands Believe in Out-of-Home Advertising Enough Today?’, and presented a thought-provoking list of top brands, questioning whether any of them could afford to overlook outdoor advertising in their marketing strategies.

Ajay delved into the unique capability of OOH advertising to convey localised messages and foster authentic connections with audiences. He emphasised that OOH stands unparalleled in its ability to address specific communities directly, enabling brands to engage with consumers at a deeply personal level.

Drawing inspiration from recent successes in the OOH realm, Ajay referenced the widely celebrated campaigns by Zomato and Blinkit, which ignited a fervour of interest and innovation within the industry. These campaigns served as compelling illustrations of OOH's potential to captivate audiences and catalyse meaningful interactions.

Ajay then shifted the focus to the pervasive nature of OOH advertising, highlighting its omnipresence in the daily lives of consumers. With statistics indicating that the average individual spends a significant portion of their day outside the confines of their home, Ajay underscored the immense opportunity for brands to connect with audiences through strategically placed OOH campaigns.

In a testament to the power of creativity and innovation within OOH advertising, Ajay showcased exemplary campaigns that have left an indelible mark on audiences. From the captivating video of the Taj Mahal Tea’s musical billboard to the dynamic digital displays employed by British Airways, he illuminated the diverse and captivating nature of OOH executions.

One particularly noteworthy example featured Aditya Birla Capital's inventive campaign, which involved the striking display of a dissected car on city streets to highlight the accessibility of car loans through their services. This bold and imaginative approach served as a testament to the potential of OOH advertising to disrupt traditional marketing norms and engage audiences in unconventional ways.

Ajay concluded his presentation with a call to action for brands to embrace the transformative potential of OOH advertising. He urged stakeholders to prioritise creativity and innovation in their campaigns, emphasising the need to craft narratives that resonate with audiences on an instinctive level.

Through Ajay's illuminating insights and compelling anecdotes, it became abundantly clear that OOH advertising remains an indispensable tool for brands seeking to captivate audiences and forge meaningful connections in an ever-evolving media landscape.

In conclusion, Ajay's masterful exploration of OOH advertising at Gujarat Talks OOH served as a poignant reminder of the medium's timeless appeal and transformative potential in shaping brand narratives and driving consumer engagement.


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