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Peter Livesey to talk about UK Adscreen Networks at OAC 2014

By VJ Media Bureau - June 25, 2014

In his company, Livesey focuses on or promoting their product range around the world either directly or through distribution and partnership agreements

Even as digital OOH media extends its sway over the OOH landscape in many developed markets, several new experimentations are underway to make this DOOH platform more interactive and consumer-friendly through magnificent content ideas. Digital screens networks are expected to gain significant traction in the days to come, the various challenges notwithstanding.

At the upcoming OAC 2014, which will be held in Goa during July 4-5, Peter Livesey, Managing Director, Esprit Digital, will talk about "UK Adscreen Networks: Lessons learned from the last 10 years".  Livesey co-founded Esprit Digital in 2002. Assuming responsibility for business development, commercial agreements and finance, he spends a good proportion of his time concentrating on or promoting the company's product range around the world either directly, or through distribution and partnership agreements.

Livesey spent two decades manufacturing and supplying electronic displays for all types of industrial and commercial applications and started in the industry running the sales department of a company that made the first fully portable mobile phone in the 1980s. All this despite leaving university to become a journalist, surviving just a year on Fleet Street!

Esprit Digital was started both in response to a meeting with CBS Outdoor as well as the realisation that the visual display market was rapidly moving towards flat-screen technology and Peter believed that the contacts he had built up over the years would be receptive.

"There are many companies in the world who can put up a screen in a public place, but only a handful who can seamlessly integrate a large network of displays into a harsh commercial environment such as a metro, an airport or a major mall,” he says.

The industry is maturing and in the next 3-5 years, Livesey believes that major clients like advertising contractors and infrastructure owners will make reliability their number one priority when investing in screen networks. Specifically for Esprit Digital, the aim is to replicate globally what has already been achieved in the UK by delivering reliable, stylish and profitable media screen networks to mass transit and high footfall retail environments.

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