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OOH beeps loud on Ridlr's radar

By Bhawana Anand - July 08, 2015

Sachin Singh, Marketing Head- North, Birds Eye Systems, talks about the brand's OOH strategy

Ridlr is a new age mobile app which helps commuters in securing public transport information such as timings, route and mode of commutation to their desired destination. And quite interestingly OOH happens to be well suited medium for the brand. After understanding their synergy with this medium, the brand utilised this platform as a main tool for communication and also shelled out 55% of the budget only for their Delhi specific OOH campaign.

"OOH medium is an essential tool for us. Since we provide information about travelling and public transport, this medium has very well gelled with our product. Even when it comes to capturing the masses, OOH medium works very well”, said Sachin Singh, Marketing Head- North, Birds Eye Systems - the firm that developed and runs the Ridlr app.

"Our audience includes not just the residents of Delhi. We also target people who are travelling from different cities for work or vacation and not familiar with Delhi transport information. Therefore, they don't have any other option to seek information but from the OOH medium,” Singh explained.

When it comes to campaign copy, Singh said, "We try to develop creatives which are attractive and more relatable with the travellers. For instance, for our launch campaign we designed different characters like a lady or a Sikh gentlemen, etc., so that people can feel connected with it. Also, we believe the creative and the copy should match with brand identity. That is why we use our brand colour i.e. blue in our campaigns”.
For media planning parameters, the brand believes in going with a plan where the advertisements make sense and communicate in a more impactful manner. "We take advertisement panels within Delhi Metro, hoardings located at arterial roads and major junctions of Delhi and also BQS since it has quite good amount of dwell time”, shared Singh. Moreover, he emphasised on the deployment strategy especially with a property like metro panels. "We try to avoid repetitions so that a traveller doesn't get bored with the ad. For instance, on the Metro media we repeat the same creative after 2-3 coaches to avoid repetition,” he said.

ROI is the biggest question mark for OOH medium. But for Ridlr, this question also has an answer as after executing the OOH launch campaign, the application was getting downloaded by users every 2 minutes and they received numerous missed calls to their call to action number given in the OOH campaign.      


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