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OAC 2013: King F. Lai throws light on key growth factors of OOH

By Nabamita Chatterjee - July 06, 2013

Consolidation, infrastructure, investment & digital OOH are the major areas which would help the specialist agencies in Asia to overcome the challenges and turn them into opportunities.

King F. Lai, CEO-Asia Pacific, Kinetic discussed the integral issues concerning the development of the outdoor industry through a remarkable presentation at OAC 2013 on 5th July at Goa. "The best way to predict the future is to create it”, was the opening lines of King F. Lai.

The session highlighted the gap of almost ten years between the two economies, India and China respectively. According to him, the integral themes which are the driving forces behind the OOH growth of China are consolidation, infrastructure investment & digital OOH. He mentions in this regard,
  • "The countries should move from fragmentation to consolidation. In terms of OOH, consolidating through Bus-shelters, Office LCD, Mega LED's gives easy access to international advertisers.
  • Infrastructure investment will help in addressing much more captive audience and the scope is very positive in Asia.  For example, In China 16 metro systems since 2000 & 7,751km high speed rail since 2008 gave long term opportunities to the brands and the advertisers in terms of investment. The five year plan of China proposes to complete 50 new airports and 100 airports to be revamped. Thus it will increase the challenge and opportunity both ways.
  • Digital OOH has seen a lot of development in the recent times very rapidly. The shift from non-digital to digital has increased diversity in the delivery scale involving multiple formats.

A specialist agency may become a global leader by understanding, how brand can connect more with people's lifestyle and the environment they engage with. The aspects like understanding the moving world, though leadership, giving specialist services would help planning OOH media in a more challenging manner by increasing the opportunities.

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