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OAC 2013: Designing OOH aesthetically

By VJ Media Bureau - July 06, 2013

Torsten IIIgen shares how out-of-home may be constructed by increasing the attractiveness of the media

The evening session of OAC 2013, Day II witnessed an elaborate session on how OOH is a big window giving really unexpected opportunities to design the media which can enhance the city's beauty. Torsten IIIgen- Design Director - Inros Lackner, Vietnam shares the need for an architect to plan the need for a complete design solution for the out-of-home media focussing on its process and how to maintain the difference between large scale and small scale media plan. Torsten IIIgen explained, "The master plan of OOH media should be approved by the legislation keeping the aspects like its location, size and such into consideration.”

  • What is our design approach?
  • What should be our targets?
  • What should be our limits?

According to Torsten, all these questions need to be answered while considering the aspect of design construction for OOH. The outdoor advertisement should reflect the value proposition it has for the public.


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