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Leafberry Ads partners with Lead Ads to market Ludhiana media

By Bhawana Anand - February 15, 2019

The partnership to focus on offering a broad media mix and high quality assets to advertisers in Ludhiana

Leafberry Leafberry Ads, which took the Punjab market by surprise by picking exclusive advertising rights in Ludhiana, has tied up with established OOH player Leads Ads to market the media. Leafberry Ads, a new player in the OOH space which picked the rights for a 9-year period for an annual fee of Rs 27.5 crore inclusive of GST, is now gearing up to create a compelling media mix in the city for advertisers.

Hemant Sood, Chief Promoter, Leafberry Ads, told Media4Growth, “No doubt we have acquired the tender at an unprecedented rate, but with the kind of inventory that the department has offered along with exclusive rights, we believe that if we put up quality infrastructure and market it well, we should be able to do good.”

Commenting on the business tie-up with Leads Ads, he said, “We had done a detailed survey of the Punjab market before participating in the tender and our analysis had clearly shown that Lead Ads and Shavinder Sandhu are the best in the region to join hands with because of their reputation, marketing experience and relationship with the agencies.”

Talking about the tie-up, Shavinder Singh Sandhu of Lead Ads said, “We were initially not very confident to bid at the reserve price set by the department but after meeting with Hemant and his team of experts, we are extremely confident of making Ludhiana a dream place for clients to advertise in. The vision of Hemant Sood is to make Ludhiana stand out on the outdoor advertising map of India. We both see a lot of positives in our association and we believe that it would go a long way.”

The contract covers the following media assets: 450 unipoles, 50 LED screens, 30 gantries, 12 FoBs, 50 utilities, 100 BQS, 160 elevated road pillars, 2,000 pole kiosks, and 500 benches.



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