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Lakme’s high voltage marketing blitz at the onset of Durga Puja

By Ria Banerjee - October 09, 2019

Executed by Karukrit, the top-selling cosmetic touches the religious sentiments with Protima Unmochan opportunity

Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019Lakme takes festive branding to a next level by unveiling the beauty of Goddess Durga on the occasion of Durga Puja. Executed by Kolkata-based Karukrit Advertising, this fortnight-long on-ground promotional activity, ‘Pujo Ready with Lakme’ kicked off in the busy streets of Gariahat in South Kolkata where a makeover van was stationed for promoting 5-days Durga puja festive look- Sashti, Saptami, Ashthami, Nabami and Dashami, i.e. from sombre, vibrant look to traditional yet gorgeous look. Likewise, the promotions were taken to different locations such as New Market of Central Kolkata where the shoppers were given the opportunity to witness the live makeover experience.

Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019The on-ground activation was followed by a road fashion show where models were seen walking on a natural stone paved ramp accompanied by traditional dhakis as the first of its kind in the city that showcased a perfect blend of beauty and glamour with a touch of ethnicity and culture.

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In exclusive chat with Media4Growth, Amlan Mukherjee, General Manager, East Branch- Hindustan Unilever shares, “Durga Puja is all about beauty. Maa Durga is the epitome of beauty and all Bengali women in the Durga puja wait for these days to look beautiful and carry their best look. And no brand, other than Lakme can be a better partner to make them look beautiful in this auspicious season and therein the role of Lakme comes into.”

Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019The gamut of events led to a grand Finale, ‘Lakme Aparupa Tumi 2019’ beauty contest where the brand had won many hearts and struck an emotional chord with the masses when the winners of the pageant were given a sacred opportunity to ‘Unveil the Beauty of Goddess Maa Durga’ at the 85 year old Mudiali club of South Kolkata. The event had focussed on shoppers, who were given the opportunity to choose to wear exhibited looks, took selfies and send their entries as a contestant to become the winners of the Grand Finale, ‘Lakme Aparupa Tumi 2019’.

“This association with Lakme is an excellent example of the clarity of the brand’s vision that Lakme has in terms of their brand activation. Lakme stands for beauty and the association of the beauty of Goddess Durga need to be integrated was very clear from the brand which helped us to build upon the concept of unveiling the beauty of the Goddess. This vision came from the idea that they want to unveil the beauty of the Goddess because Lakme is out and out a beauty brand. We had layered on it, named the campaign ‘Lakme Aparupa Tumi’ as it was all about a beauty contest where ordinary women could do Protima Unmochan (unveil the beauty of Goddess)”, shares Promita Saha Khan, Vice President, Karukrit Advertising.

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