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HDFC Life clicks on OOH activity to promote new plan

By Bhawana Anand - September 02, 2013

The brand taps airports to drive home its message to TG

HDFC Life has come up with a new insurance plan called Click2Protect. With an aim to promote it, the brand went in for live demonstrations at airports and thus connect with the target audience.  
The brief given to OOH agency Kinetic India was to create a buzz in market about the click2protect protection plan of HDFC Life. Therefore the agency ideated on an airport activity which was in sync with the theme of the plan - the rainy season. Thus the activity utilized the rainy season theme to drive home the message of being prepared for unforeseen problems.
A few volunteers were made available at the Mumbai and Delhi airports to escort the travelers till their drop points with HDFC branded umbrella. Thus the objective behind using the Outbound Activity was to showcase HDFC Life as a brand that cares for its customers and which provides financial protection during unforeseen and unfortunate eventualities in life. Rains are thus synonymous with uncertainties and umbrellas symbolize the financial protection that HDFC Life provides. The activity began in July and will be continued till the end of September.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
"The thought behind the campaign was to build an emotional connect with HDFC Life and convey the message of protection. As an umbrella protects you against unpredictable rain, Click2Protect secures your loved ones in case of an unfortunate incident. The campaign was successful in reaching out to the TG and building the connect of protection at two of the busiest airports in the country,” says Amit Sarkar, Chief Operating Officer, Kinetic India.
"With more and more earning population spending time outside of their home or office and that too specifically travelling, it is important for a brand to be visible at places frequented by this audience. Today's working population travels extensively in the country and globally, hence presence at airports is increasingly becoming a part of our OOH plans.Through this campaign we aim to bring people closer to our flagship insurance plan called Click2Protect. This is a term insurance plan which provides complete financial protection in case of any unfortunate happening. Since rain is synonymous with uncertainty, it is an ideal platform to demonstrate the concept that just as an umbrella provides protection from rain, Click2Protect provides financial protection from uncertainty and unfortunate eventualities of life. We noticed that while travelling for work people generally travel light and do not carry an umbrella. Hence, during monsoon season HDFC Life promoters will be present at arrival terminals to help these travellers reach safely to their pick-up point,” explains Sanjay Tripathy, Sr.EVP, Marketing, Product & Direct Sales, HDFC Life.

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