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DMRC invites bids for media rights on Line 7

By M4G Bureau - December 06, 2018

The tender will open on January 4, 2019

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DRMC) has invited bids to allot exclusive advertising rights on Line No. 7 i.e. Pink Line running between Shiv Vihar and Majlis Park. According to the tender document, the contract will allow for display of advertisements inside the Metro trains on Line No. 7 on static advertisement spaces/ panels, Passenger Information Display (PID) screens inside metro trains and on train exterior by wrapping. The maximum number of train sets/coaches for wraps permissible shall be 10% of the total train coaches running on the line subject to a maximum limit of 20% of total train sets under operational holding of any make and configuration for line-7.

At present, 12 static advertisement panels of approximately size (54.5 X 38) cm are available per coach for full screen advertisement by the licensee. 6 PID screens of approximately size (41 X 23) cm are available. The licensee shall utilise approximately 28.5 x 20 cm of this area for advertisement which shall run during the whole journey and rest of the area shall be used by DMRC for its own information display.

The exclusive advertisement rights for the said advertisement spaces shall be awarded for 9 years from the date of handing over of the assets. The License Fee, maintenance charges for the digital screens and the Interest Free Security Deposit/ Performance Security shall be escalated & increased by 20% on completion of every 3 years of the license period i.e. after every 3 years from the commencement date of License period on compounding basis.

The pre-bid meeting is scheduled on December 17, 2018 at Metro Bhawan, and the bid will open on January 4, 2019.



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