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By The People: What catches the eye in the outdoor

By VJ Media Bureau - December 26, 2014

The Outdoor Asia team went out in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Kolkata to gather people's views and perceptions about outdoor advertising and how it can influence their purchase decisions.

As people on the move or those on the street form a chunk of the target audience for OOH advertising brands, it was interesting to get the consumer perspective. Read on to gauge the People's Voice:

Tulja, a student

"We do look at such sites but making a buying decision via outdoor ads happens rarely. But I remember once I saw a Subway advertisement on some vehicle which really enticed me and I found out about it and visited Subway.”

Vibhor Mathur, a musician

"No I haven't bought anything after seeing a particular hoarding. Either I am driving my car or travelling by Metro so watching advertisements on the road becomes a little difficult.”

Sakshi Gupta, a sales professional

"Yes, once a new local jewellery brand named Shagun opened in a residential market. They advertised on hoardings for their promotion which I saw and then visited the showroom with my family.”

Hitesh Babbar- An agency professional

Yes, recently I saw an online travel website hoarding. It looked interesting to me and I bought a Goa holiday package for myself from there.


Kriti Sharma, Political Science Student, Sri Shikshayatan College

I really observe large format hoardings when I see some nice creative on it and very recently I noticed the Lakme Youth Infinity Campaign which prompted me to buy the product immediately. Good outdoor campaigns do attract number of people if it is presented in a very attractive manner.

Anjana Paul, Housewife

If it is a household thing then I try to find out some more details after seeing it in outdoor. Recently, I have purchased a water purifier for my family after observing the advertisement in a hoarding near Howrah Ramrajatala.


Rutuja, Third-year BCom student

I saw a Loreal hoarding for a whitening cream which was very effective. The hoarding was so good that I actually bought it with the first impression of Sonam Kapoor.

Rupali Patil, Lab Technician

We both are loyal to brand Loreal and I too saw the same hoarding and even before reviewing the product, we both bought it. It was much later that we read the reviews for this particular cream.

Chaitanya & Shweta, Std. IX student, Auxiliam Convent

We both were on the lookout for good tuition classes and we spotted the hoardings of Mahesh Tutorials and got ourselves enrolled.

Suraj Parekh, Management Student and Shopaholic

I am a shopaholic and always on the lookout for watch hoardings. So, when I spotted this grand Omega hoarding on the Western Express Highway, I just had to buy it! Eventually I convinced my dad to buy it for me.


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