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US-based Road Runner Media takes Little Caesars places

By Rajiv Raghunath - June 09, 2022

The campaign leveraged the high-fidelity location-based and dynamic content capabilities of the Road Runner patented adtech and media panel network.

US-based adtech & media company Road Runner Media that is playing an instrumental role in road safety and mobile digital advertising has executed a DOOH campaign for American pizza chain Little Caesars using its network of digital screens secured to the rear of vehicles; promoting the pizza chain’s lunch and dinner combo specials in the greater Los Angeles area.

The campaign leveraged the high-fidelity location-based and dynamic content capabilities of the Road Runner patented adtech and media panel network, which determines the latlong in 1 second increments.

In real-time, on-board technology computed the address (Point Of Interest: POI) of the restaurant nearest to the van’s location, and inserted it into a day part advert. As the vehicles moved around the Greater Los Angeles area, restaurant location information was updated and dynamically populated to the screens every 7.5 seconds, representing millions of computations over the campaign duration.

Christopher R Riley, CEO<br>Road Runner MediaPedestrians and drivers in surrounding vehicles saw advertising and content promoting a lunch special during the day and a new product launch for dinner in the evening, POI, combined with day part targeting.  The high bright LCD screens displayed brand promotional codes for discounted online ordering when they computed they were not within a 3-mile radius of any restaurant location, driving reach and frequency, utilising video adverts.

“By combining high fidelity location-based messaging and agile dynamic creative capabilities, the brand harnessed the full power of the Road Runner AdTech and mobile digital network to engage an audience with contextually relevant messages, right time, right place, right audience; driving in store visitation and online orders,” said Christopher R Riley, CEO of Road Runner Media.

“We are excited to partner with the leading measurement and attribution partner, Street Metrics, to show the true value of the campaign technology we have built and deployed; the ability to create a highly analogous non exposed group, utilising a theoretical control vehicle, further showcases Road Runners AdTech and Street Metrics advanced measurement capabilities”

Randall Lanham, Founder and Chairman of Road Runner Media added: “The results show that the campaign delivered everything a traditional digital, one to one, online campaign delivers, in a one to many, brand safe DOOH Randall Lanham<br>Founder & Chairman<br>Road Runner Mediaenvironment as well as Road Runner Media’s ability to help any brand reach and positively influence consumer audiences on the move in major markets.”

In all, 62 vehicles with Road Runner screens participated in the campaign across Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Fernando Valley – a geographic area that covers approximately 190 Little Caesars restaurants. The campaign ran for four weeks with a follow-on campaign booked.

A report shared b Road Runner Media states that this is the only mobile DOOH media network that has GeoPath screen IDs for every screen in the network. Currently, Road Runner’s network is active and operational with screens in Atlanta, Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.


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