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Ultraleap launches its fifth-generation hand tracking platform Gemini

By Rajiv Raghunath - October 28, 2021

New software will power touchless interactive kiosks

Ultraleap has launched its fifth-generation tracking platform, known as Gemini, that is fully available on Windows. Ultraleap informs that the Gemini Windows release is the first step “in making the world’s best hand tracking easier to access and more flexible for multiple platforms, camera systems and third-party hardware”.

Ultraleap have rebuilt its tracking engine from the ground up to be able to improve hand tracking across various aspects including: 

  1. Improved two-handed interaction
  2. Faster initialisation and hand detection
  3. Improved robustness to challenging environmental conditions
  4. Better adaptation to hand anatomy

Ultraleap has also made significant changes to the tracking platform to be able to extend hand-tracking to different platforms and hardware.

Saurabh Gupta, Product Director, OOH, at Ultraleap, said: “With ten years of ongoing developer support, experimentation, and feedback, we’ve refined our hand tracking to deliver the best and most flexible hand tracking available. For OOH, Gemini enables easy integration of gesture control into existing and new kiosk solutions, delivering seamless, engaging, and safe digital interaction. We are working on leveraging the flexibility of our Gemini platform and enable our hand tracking to work on additional platforms in OOH.”

Accurate and robust hand tracking for touchless kiosk and OOH use cases

In OOH, Ultraleap’s hand tracking alongside the TouchFree application is fuelling the adoption of touchless technology, says the company.  

Fast initialization, robustness and accuracy are all elements needed in hand tracking to make the touchless kiosk experience seamless for the user. Ultraleap’s solutions are already being used in the market with the likes of PepsiCoLEGO and Image Holders

With this latest hand tracking update, Ultraleap’s recommended camera position is enabled – Above Facing User. This camera position will support more aesthetically pleasing set ups, easier integration and a longer life of the installation.


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