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JCDecaux South Africa Introduces 3D anamorphic advertising at Joburg’s Sandton City

By Rajiv Raghunath - April 22, 2022

Lélanie Butler, JCDecaux South Africa, 3D Anamorphic, Deep Motion Digital Screen, Sandton City, Johannesburg

Creativity is what leaves lasting impressions, promotes sharing and drives consumer action. Merging technology with creativity, JCDecaux South Africa has introduced 3D anamorphic experience for brands and advertisers, activating a 4x8 meter P4 with Deep Motion Digital screen at Sandton City shopping centre in Johannesburg. In a media statement, the company states, “Our goal is to continue innovating to deliver more value to our customers through memorable, immersive, and engaging advertising solutions that resonate with consumers.”

Consumers are overwhelmed daily by advertising messages across a range of touchpoints, from when they search for content on social channels, turn on the TV or view video content. According to a study by Kantar, “Creative quality is the single biggest driver that explains growth on brand exposure, contributing up to 50% to campaign salience”. The question is what is the right balance between entertainment, branding and communication that drives the most value and relevance for consumers. “We believe that sharing a company’s brand story in the public eye can be employed through tailored creative for outdoor advertising and a unique message which captures consumers’ imagination, building real-life engagement,” the release states.

“Thanks to advancements in technology or technique known as “anamorphosis” or “forced perspective”, we now offer our clients truly immersive advertising options through our Deep Motion Digital 3D display to create the illusion of having 3D depth when viewed from certain angles. We have witnessed such creative campaigns go viral, being shared millions of times, extending the campaign message beyond a single site, generating excitement, discussion, and incremental value in earned vs paid media,” the company maintains.

Lélanie Butler, Innovation and Projects Director, says: “We are excited about the new creative opportunities our 3D Deep Motion Digital anamorphic display offers brands and advertisers to push the creative boundaries to connect with consumers. As we roll out additional indoor and roadside 3D displays, we seek dynamic ways to positively impact campaign outcomes through immersive visual experiences.”

In today’s competitive attention economy, brands and advertisers find it challenging to generate ads and content that retain consumers’ attention to deliver memorable brand and product messaging. “Through our 3D Deep Motion Digital anamorphic displays, we aim to increase engagement and emotional relevance, by providing consumers with large colourful creative that can be easily captured and shared instantly. Attention-grabbing content and campaigns lead to improved brand recognition, enhanced recall and trust with the consumer, which notably affects advertisers’ bottom line.

“As we continue growing our 3D Deep Motion Digital anamorphic display network, we look forward to collaborating with customers and brands, from the creative design stage all the way to the data-led media strategy, to deliver campaigns that draw consumers’ attention and help generate brand equity and revenue,” the JCDecaux South Africa release states.



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