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Digital license plate - next DOOH frontier

By VJ Media Bureau - January 13, 2017

The smart license plate would be an IoT platform

The humble license plate on cars could well become a compelling digital OOH media in the foreseeable future. A US-based MediaPost report states that Reviver – a company which claims to have developed the world’s first digital license plate – is now in partnership with motor vehicle departments pushing for adoption of license plates that turn into digital screens that display the traditional number information when the car is moving but convert to digital advertising when the car is parked.

The rPlate, as it is termed, is an IoT platform that includes DMV registration automation, hyper-local messaging and vehicle management. The plate houses a GPS, accelerometer, RF sensors and storage.

Initially targeted to fleets of cars, such as rental companies, the connected plates could become highly targeted mini-billboards. The rPlate is the same size as a standard license plate and has an anti-reflective screen.

Courtesy: FEPE International Newsletter

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