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Unacademy cracks code for uncluttered presence with “Let’s Crack It”

By Bhawana Anand - December 20, 2019

Karan Shroff, Vice President Marketing at Unacademy shares the essence of OOH in 1st ever integrated brand campaign

Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform leaves a strong impression in the market with its 1st ever integrated marketing initiative launched across channels such as TV, digital, outdoor, radio, cinema, and print. The “Let’s Crack It” campaign has been launched to encourage students and help them prepare for challenging entrance exams without getting demotivated or disheartened. The campaign keeps students at the center with the idea to support them throughout their academic journey and provide them with a platform which is accessible to all and from anywhere. 

Highlighting the significance of OOH Medium, Karan Shroff Vice President Marketing at Unacademy, in an exclusive conversation with M4G shares, “While the campaign is panned across mediums, we also included OOH advertising in the media mix for this. It has helped us reach a larger offline audience which includes commuters like students, parents and educators who leave their homes to reach their educational institutions or exam halls. Through this we aim to reach out to potential students and let them know that their determination and perseverance is well appreciated and Unacademy is there as a constant partner to help them throughout their learning journey”.

Apart from it being a colloquial expression Let’s Crack It, lays emphasis on the “let’s” part of the catchphrase. This is because, Unacademy’s aim is to democratize education and not have differential pricing or ranks/marks-based batches. Even the OOH creatives lay the unparalleled focus on Let’s Crack It.

“We wanted to stand out, as the industry is quite cluttered. The students are pressurised by being subjected to shining faces of rank holders. We wanted to break that and create something that leaves a mark. For OOH, we chose a clear and clutter free approach that communicates Let’s Crack It effectively. We believe that our strategy has helped us drive the point home”, adds Shroff.

As a part of this campaign, 13 cities i.e. a mix of Tier 1 and 2 cities including cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur and others have been targeted. The campaign has been promoted via digital and airport ads and the OOH plan also includes a mix of static and digital billboards. 

“Our key target audience are students and hence we have targeted places which are hang out spots for the youth, around college campuses and inside colleges, bus shelters etc. We have also used student hubs like areas concentrated with book shops and institutions to our advantage. Areas with hostels and PGs (paying guest accommodations) were also included in the plan”, adds Shroff.



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