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The ‘buzz’ stop – Eye-catching vaccination campaign on BQS in Agartala

By N Jayalakshmi - July 19, 2021

Outreach Advertising partnered with ILS Hospital in Agartala to launch a hard-to-miss vaccination campaign using bus shelter media

The pandemic may have completely disrupted the advertising industry, but that hasn’t stopped advertising mediums from rising to the occasion as information platforms for a cause. The out-of-home media, for example, is now being leveraged in innovative ways to promote Covid vaccination. These bus shelters at three prominent locations in Agartala, Tripura, conceptualised by Outreach Advertising, Guwahati, are a good example of how OOH can be used effectively to inform people regarding the most crucial aspects of Covid vaccination.  

When ILS Hospital, Agartala, rolled out its initiative to support the government in the mass Covid vaccination drive, Outreach Advertising came forward to partner the cause using its team’s expertise. Outreach conceptualised the entire campaign, which was then approved by the management of ILS Hospital. 

The objective of the 45-day campaign, which addresses both the 45+ and 18+ groups, was to create awareness among citizens and encourage them to come out for vaccination. With attention grabbing 3-D cutout visuals, the campaign highlighted everything that people need to know regarding the vaccine - How, why, where, when  and how. The campaign was displayed in several prominent locations of the city, garnering good response from both the government and the citizens.  

"ILS Hospitals, Agartala launched the Covid vaccination drive for the citizens of Tripura to help end COVID-19 for all and I thank Outreach Advertising, Guwahati, for coming up with their creative innovation and highlight the cause," says Manoj Kumar Debnath, Deputy Manager - Business Development, ILS Hospitals, Agartala.

Speaking about the campaign and the approach used,  Mukesh Mour, MD, Outreach Advertising, says, “We have tried to do something out of the box so that it is catchy, highlights the purpose of the campaign and attracts more people.”  Indeed, the 3D cut-out figures rising on the front of the panel, along with that of the mask on the side panel of the bus shelter, convey the whole Covid safety narrative in a succinct and visually impactful manner. As Mukesh informs,  installation of the innovation did pose some challenges mainly due to heavy rainfall. But the team completed it on time as per the client's deadline.


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