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Reaching goals, one stitch at a time: Sitemax's heartwarming new campaign

By Sakshi Sanghavi - May 23, 2024

The video showcases Sitemax’s motto to help change people’s lives through positive action

Sitemax, a prominent media owner in Gujarat, has released an inspiring new video as part of their latest campaign. The video tells the story of a hardworking mother sewing clothes at home, whose work is disrupted by a power outage. Her young son, a diligent student of about five or six, observes her plight. Without hesitation, he packs his books and heads out.

The boy finds his way to a brightly lit Sitemax billboard and uses its light to continue studying, embodying the campaign's slogan: "Helping you reach your goals through multiple means." This heartfelt video highlights the themes of perseverance, resourcefulness, and the unexpected ways support can come into our lives. By showcasing the boy's determination and the mother's hard work, Sitemax effectively communicates its commitment to being a versatile and supportive presence in the community.

This campaign not only promotes the brand but also inspires viewers to recognise the value of resilience and resourcefulness in achieving their goals.

Sanjay Raval, Director, Sitemax told Media4Growth: “By this video campaign we aim to show people what Sitemax aims to do for its audience and community. We not only aim to provide advertisements with good messages but also work towards helping our audience with our own resources. We hope our billboards are‘helping you reach your goals through multiple means.”


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