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Khadim India unveils ‘Cholche Khadim Cholbe Khadim’ campaign in Kolkata

By M4G Bureau - May 11, 2023

Showcases the brand’s legacy of six decades in the footwear segment

Leading retail footwear brand Khadim India has launched its new campaign ‘Cholche Khadim Cholbe Khadim’ portraying the legacy of the brand. The campaign with one simple, succinct message ‘Cholche Khadim Cholbe Khadim’ is a creation of all the unique brand slogans of Khadim over the years. It is created with an intent to present a unique experience and connect to the audience across generations.

Khadim Transit Campaign with slogan '‘Cholche Khadim Cholbe Khadim'

Khadim holds a time-honoured legacy of over six decades in the Indian footwear industry. The brand is widely acclaimed by its consumers for its offering of fashion footwear in the affordable category. The campaign focuses on capturing the emotional connect of the brand with its consumers across age groups through its ‘catchy’ brand slogans created over the years.

Khadim campaign on Train with slogan '‘Cholche Khadim Cholbe Khadim'

Speaking on the launch of the legacy campaign, Rittick Roy Burman, Whole-Time Director, Khadim India said, “Khadim has always been rooted in providing affordable footwear for the entire family for every occasion. With the launch of this new legacy campaign ‘Cholche Khadim Cholbe Khadim’, we are reassuring our users that their beloved footwear brand is still following same philosophy of offering ‘affordable fashion’ footwear to the consumers across generations. Through this campaign we wanted to showcase the six decades old legacy of our brand that resonates with the indelible love of our consumers.”

Campaign Billboard Campaign

The new campaign has been brought to life through integrated promotions across FM Radio and key ATL media. 

Inside Bus Khadim campaign. Transit Campaign 


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