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Innovations mark Samsung’s global campaign to promote Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4

By M4G Bureau - October 28, 2022

The innovations ranged from folding billboard display to drone show

Samsung unveiled a series of highly innovative campaigns in different markets -- Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan and Taiwan – to shine the light on its foldable smartphone models Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4. The company’s website highlights the following:

  • In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil, passersby could catch a glimpse of the Galaxy Z Flip4 by viewing billboards centred around the theme of “Life Seen from the Best Angle.” This series of displays show how the phone looks when it is folded. Upon uploading a selfie on social media with the hashtag #GalaxyExperienceRJ, the photo would show up on the large billboard in the shape of the Galaxy Z Flip4 cover display, located in Copacabana, one of the busiest neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the clock billboards installed in four places in São Paulo caught the attention of the public, as the billboards physically fold and unfold like the devices themselves.

  • Earlier, in August Samsung installed chairs in the shape of the Galaxy Z Flip4 in bus stops in Belgium. The phones could be used as actual chairs, providing both a convenient seat and a fun display for those waiting for the bus.
  • Marketing in Japan for the Galaxy Z Flip4 showcased both the phone’s water resistant capability and FlexCam feature. By folding the phone in half and placing it in a tank filled with water, the phone camera captured a striking and imaginative photo showing goldfish flying in the sky.

  • Also in August, a purple tram displaying one of the iconic colours of the Galaxy Z Flip4 ran throughout the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Additionally, the Z Flip’s FlexCam was shaped to match the tram’s window, making tram passengers appear as though they are subjects being filmed by the phone. More trams in different routes will feature this decorative wrapping until February 2023.

  • Combining both the latest technology and the new Galaxy smartphone devices, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 through a captivating drone show at Riyue Tan (Sun Moon Lake) in Taiwan. During the show, a total of 500 drones, which were synchronised and arranged over a training period of 30 days, were equipped with bright lights and moved throughout the sky to form the silhouettes of the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 as well as the word “Galaxy” and more.

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